Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS (OURO)

Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS (OURO)

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About Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS

Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS (OURO) is a coin associated with the Web 3.0 Entertainment Company that goes by the same name. The primary objective of this company is to provide funding, financial support, and assistance to artists and creators in the Entertainment Industry. The founders, Florian Anghel and Paul Arion, have developed numerous film scripts and TV series as intellectual property. Some of their projects are currently in post-production, while others are in progress. Notably, they are working on a new romantic comedy based on a book by Romanian writer Iulia Nani, titled “Ready or Not,” and also backing the debut of a film series named “Nosferatu: Origins of Terror” that portrays the original story of Nosferatu, the original vampire from Transylvania.

One of the completed projects backed by Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS is “Strigoi,” an eighty-five page feature horror/thriller that explores the ancient myth of bewitched souls unable to find peace in the afterlife. Additionally, they have produced a short horror movie called “The Rental,” where a young couple encounters a seemingly great deal on a rental apartment that takes a dark turn. Another ambitious project in the works is “Dacian Wars,” a drama series consisting of three seasons with ten episodes each, depicting the 20-year-long conflicts between the Dacian Kingdom and the Roman Empire. Moreover, Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS is involved in the production of “Posada 1330,” an epic medieval drama recounting the Battle of Posada and the establishment of Wallachia I by Warlord Basarab.

Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS stands as a collective force, emphasizing the strength that comes with unity. Based in Bucharest, Romania, they can be contacted through email or by phone, as provided on their website. Their vision extends until 2024, with an unwavering commitment to supporting and uplifting the Entertainment Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS OURO available.
The circulating supply of Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS is 0.
The total supply of Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS is 410975.
The max supply of Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS is 10000000.
Unfortunately the country of Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS is unknown.
Demiourgos Holdings OUROBOROS is a cryptocurrency running on its own blockchain.

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