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PAYX Token

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Blockchain: Ethereum
Ticker: PAX
Type: Token
PAYX Foundation
Asset or Contract address: 0x67fe8dbf5ed0aa9d7a127e5e061d715a1eff3712


Circ.*: 1 900 000 000
Total: 5 000 000 000
Max: 5 000 000 000



HTTP Code: 200


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PAYX Token Price


What is PAYX Token?


-PAYX is a new concept platform for payment and settlement of products in all currencies (fiat currency & cryptocurrency).
-PAYX Payment (Wallet) will allow you to use the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc as a payment method (including PAX Token)
-The reason why the payment and the settlement can be made by using the cryptocurrency in which the price fluctuates (even with rapid fluctuating today’s market value), is that the PAYX platform has an AI-based “price confirmation algorithm” that can mitigate the risk of fluctuations.
-This algorithm can be used to show, confirm and deduct the amount of the designated market value and deliver the same amount of fiat currency to the account of the merchant.
-In addition, PAYX platform can store various cryptocurrencies in your E-Wallet including BTC, ETH, and BCH that listed on the associated Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
-PAYX platform also allows for the transfer of fiat and cryptocurrency (including PAX Token)
-PAYX platform includes E-wallet, Escrow(DIEX), Remittance, Coin PG(payment gateway; this can also be applied to street vendors who don’t have POS, CAT Terminal), and fintech APIs even without legacy credit card processing service.
-PAYX Blockchain uses Private Blockchain technology to protect personal information, prevent the forgery and manipulation of DATA, and store and manage transaction information without loss in any case.
-We will research and develop our own Public PAYX blockchain to create a financial processing blockchain ecosystem suitable for the PAYX platform.
-Finally, PAX Token Launch abides by all KYC / AML issues in each country.

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