Cabin (CABIN)

Cabin (CABIN)

Coin Informationen

Blockchain icon Blockchain: Ethereum
Ticker icon Ticker: CABIN
Type icon Typ: Token
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:


Vollständig Verwässerte

$7 480 000

Coin Angebot

Total icon Total: 1 000 000
Max icon Max: 1 000 000

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Über Cabin?

Cabin (CABIN) is a global network of properties in nature that aims to bring together remote workers seeking coliving opportunities, residencies, and collaborative spaces. With a shared culture, community, economy, and governance, Cabin offers a unique platform for individuals to connect, collaborate, and create. By joining Cabin, users can access a thriving community of like-minded individuals across the globe, unlock new places through role cards and passport stamps, and build their reputation within the community.

At Cabin, the network city is shaped by various roles that contribute to the overall experience. From Caretakers who oversee the operations and maintenance of the neighborhoods, to Custodians who contribute towards building and improving the physical environment, there is a place for everyone. Whether one is a Naturalist focused on nurturing the natural environment or a Creator exploring new possibilities through art and experiments, Cabin provides a diverse range of roles for individuals to engage in. Remote workers can become Residents and take advantage of the network city’s offerings.

Joining Cabin as a Guest offers individuals the opportunity to expand their network, learn more about the community, and stay updated on upcoming events. By becoming a Community Member, users gain access to a Member Directory, City Offers, and have the ability to participate in the City’s activities. For those looking for a deeper connection, the Founding Citizen membership offers exclusive benefits such as numbered NFTs and passport cards, access to exclusive offers, and the ability to boost voting power. Cabin provides a comprehensive platform for individuals seeking a collaborative and connected experience.

Häufig Gestellte Fragen

Der aktuelle Preis von Cabin CABIN ist 7.48 USD.
Der zirkulierende Angebot von Cabin ist 0.
Der gesamte Angebot von Cabin ist 1000000.
Der maximale Angebot von Cabin ist 1000000.
Leider ist das Land von Cabin unbekannt.
Cabin is a token running on the Ethereum blockchain.
The contract address of Cabin is 0x1934e252f840aa98dfce2b6205b3e45c41aef830.

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