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Flag of Gibraltar Gibraltar (GI)
Blockchain icon Decentralized: No
Type icon Type: Exchange
Company icon Company: Bullish (GI) Limited
Registration number icon Reg nr: 119714
Affiliate program icon Affiliate program: No


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What is Bullish?

“Launched in November 2021, Bullish’s blockchain-based cryptocurrency trading platform has been designed as a regulated, externally verifiable exchange, operating a high performance central-limit-order-book matching engine combined with DeFi-derived Liquidity Pools to enable automated market-making capabilities and yield earning opportunities. 

An evolution from the traditional exchange, Bullish’s proprietary Hybrid Order Book (HOB) pairs the high-performance of a traditional Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) with Automated Market Making (AMM) — a protocol that uses a mathematical algorithm to facilitate prices in a transparent, market-neutral, and deterministic manner. The HOB is underpinned by Bullish Liquidity Pools (BLP) for each trading pair and is intended to reward asset holders whilst providing liquidity to the asset pairs the exchange offers for trading. BLP offers clients the ability to manage balanced portfolios while earning passive yields at scale across highly variable market conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bullish is based in: Gibraltar.
Bullish is a centralized exchange.
Bullish does not have a token at the moment.
Bullish is not a decentralized exchange.
Bullish does not have an affiliate program at the moment.
Bullish does have an API.
According to our current information the website of Bullish is online.
You can find the trading fees of Bullish on this URL: https://bullish.com/legal/fee-schedule/.




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