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Type: Exchange
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What is Cratos?

Cratos is a licensed and regulated in the EU crypto exchange service. We are focused on the ultimate user experience that makes the process clear and simple.

We believe that digital currency has great value to people and offer our platform as a convenient tool for cryptocurrency exchange. Our service is focused on the ultimate user experience that makes the process clear and simple.

Cratos exchange was designed to make cryptocurrency trading enjoyable. Cratos is both fast and secure, which makes it stand out among other cryptocurrency trading platforms.




Always proceed with caution and do you your own research before using a new exchange. We don’t offer reviews at the moment, but you can often find reviews online to get an impression, but be aware of fake reviews. Twitter and official chat channels of the exchange can also be a good resource to find more information from other users.

The listing on our platform, our verified badge or an exchange using our logo on their website does not mean we endorse the exchange nor does it mean we confirm it is safe to use.
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