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What is MXC?
MXC Exchange is a crypto trading exchange founded by experienced blockchain industry practitioners as well as quant trading specialists with previous experience from Japan, Europe and Wall Street. MXC Exchange services a wide selection of blockchain assets, offers utmost safety guarantees, and is dedicated to building a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange platform.

MXC Exchange aims to earn the community’s trust by selectively filtering listed assets and collaborating with top Internet security providers, including KNOWNSEC and Palmim Security, to protect users’ safety.

Central to the MXC Exchange and ecosystem is the MX token. Each month, 100% of exchange fees will be dedicated towards the buy-back and burn of MX tokens, until only 100 million MX tokens remain in circulation.

In addition, MX is also a governance token—meaning that MX holders are eligible for voting on vital business decisions. MXC will serve as an enabling participant in an autonomous organization that maximizes benefits to MX holders.
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