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OpenLedger DEX

OpenLedger DEX


Flag of Denmark Denmark (DK)
Blockchain icon Decentralized: Yes
Type icon Type: Exchange
Company icon Company: OpenLedger ApS
Registration number icon Reg nr: DK35809171
Affiliate program icon Affiliate program: Unknown


Online icon Online


API Information icon API Information unknown (Submit)

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What is OpenLedger DEX?

Unfortunately we do not have a description for this exchange yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

OpenLedger DEX is based in: Denmark.
OpenLedger DEX is a decentralized exchange.
OpenLedger DEX does not have a token at the moment.
OpenLedger DEX is a decentralized exchange.
OpenLedger DEX does not have an affiliate program at the moment.
OpenLedger DEX does not have an API.
According to our current information the website of OpenLedger DEX is online.
You can find the trading fees of OpenLedger DEX on this URL: https://openledger.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/33000220198-fee-structure-on-openledger-.




Always proceed with caution and do you your own research before using a new exchange. We don’t offer reviews at the moment, but you can often find reviews online to get an impression, but be aware of fake reviews. Twitter and official chat channels of the exchange can also be a good resource to find more information from other users.

The listing on our platform, our verified badge or an exchange using our logo on their website does not mean we endorse the exchange nor does it mean we confirm it is safe to use.
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