CoW Protocol (COW)

CoW Protocol (COW)

Coin Informatie

Blockchain icon Blockchain: Ethereum
Ticker icon Ticker: COW
Type icon Type: Token
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:


$17 129 180

Volledig Verwaterd

$163 395 256

Coin Aanbod

Circ icon Circ.: 104 832 784(10%)Question Mark Icon
Total icon Totaal: 1 000 000 000
Max icon Max: 1 000 000 000

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Over CoW Protocol?

CoW Protocol (COW) is a cryptocurrency that offers users the smartest way to trade. It stands out from other exchanges and aggregators by finding the lowest price for trades across various platforms, such as Uniswap and 1inch. Unlike its competitors, CoW Protocol also protects users from Miner Extractable Value (MEV) risks. The platform matches trades peer-to-peer, eliminating the need for intermediaries and reducing costs for traders. CoW Protocol aims to provide users with the best prices available.

One of the key features of CoW Protocol is its focus on Coincidences of Wants (CoWs). The platform actively searches for these coincidences, matching traders who want what each other has. By leveraging batch auctions and matching trades peer-to-peer, CoW Protocol ensures that everyone involved receives a better price and avoids unnecessary Automated Market Maker (AMM) fees. Traders using CoW Protocol do not have to compare prices on different exchanges individually, as the platform searches them all for the best available price.

CoW Protocol prioritizes user protection and convenience. The platform safeguards users from frontrunning and sandwich attacks, which can result in significant financial losses. Additionally, CoW Protocol charges zero fees for failed transactions, distinguishing itself from most other decentralized exchanges or aggregators. With its cutting-edge technology, CoW Protocol optimizes trade execution by batching orders, matching Coincidences of Wants, and efficiently sourcing liquidity from various decentralized exchanges and aggregators.

Vaak Gestelde Vragen

De huidige prijs van CoW Protocol COW is 0.163395 USD.
Het circulerende aanbod van CoW Protocol is 104832784.
Het totale aanbod van CoW Protocol is 1000000000.
Het maximale aanbod van CoW Protocol is 1000000000.
Helaas is het land van CoW Protocol onbekend.
CoW Protocol is a token running on the Ethereum blockchain.
CoW Protocol bereikte een all-time-high van 0.335998 USD op 29 Aug 2022.
The contract address of CoW Protocol is 0xDEf1CA1fb7FBcDC777520aa7f396b4E015F497aB.

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