Dawkoins (DAW)

Dawkoins (DAW)

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Flag of Wereldwijd (Decentraal) Wereldwijd (Decentraal)
Blockchain icon Blockchain: Solana
Ticker icon Ticker: DAW
Type icon Type: Token
Company icon Bedrijf: Dawkoins On Sol
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:


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Coin Aanbod

Circ icon Circ.: 989 500 136(100%)Question Mark Icon
Total icon Totaal: 989 500 136
Max icon Max: 1 000 000 000

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Over Dawkoins

What Is Dawkoins (DAW)?

Dawkoins (DAW) is a decentralized meme token designed to thrive within the crypto community and beyond. Named in honor of Richard Dawkins, the father of memes, Dawkoins aims to celebrate and promote the rich legacy of memes in the digital space.

Full community driven!

How Many Dawkoins (DAW) Are There in Circulation?

So, Dawkoins operates on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, and we’ve got a total fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. As of now, the circulating supply is around 989.5 million DAW tokens. Pretty neat, right?

Our symbol is “DAW,” and you can find us chilling on the Solana blockchain with our contract address: 7cb67ev3jvBKaAH1tnVM8FL8WfQ96sa2TYByEXajqx8N.

Now, what exactly does this circulating supply mean? It’s basically all the tokens that are actively being traded on different exchanges and being used within our Dawkoins ecosystem. And since we’ve got a limited supply, we’re all about that scarcity, making sure the value of your tokens stays nice and strong.

Because we’re on Solana, we get to enjoy super-fast and low-cost transactions, making it easy peasy for you to send and receive Dawkoins whenever you want.

Our goal here at Dawkoins is to be as transparent as possible about our tokenomics and supply metrics, so you know exactly what you’re getting into. We’re all about building trust and confidence within our community and with potential investors, creating a lively and sustainable ecosystem for Dawkoins to thrive.

Hope that clears things up for you! If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to ask. We’re always here to help!

Who Are the Founders of Dawkoins?

KOM and I are good mates outside of the crypto sphere, bonded by our shared experiences in high-paying corporate sales careers. My journey into crypto began in 2013 when I started buying Bitcoin, riding the waves of the last market cycle to significant gains. Meanwhile, KOM has been a steadfast holder of XRP since 2016, reaping the rewards during the 2017 bull run.

Together, we’ve poured our own resources into this Community Takeover (CTO) project, with additional support from our dedicated team and the wider community. Our motivations extend beyond mere financial gain; instead, we’re driven by a shared passion to propel our meme token to the forefront of the market.

Our ultimate goal is to position this meme token as the number one choice during the bull run, not just for profit, but also to honor and cement the legacy of Richard Dawkins in the realm of blockchain memes. Dawkins’ influence has resonated deeply, shaping an entire generation, and we believe it’s essential to pay homage to his contributions to meme culture within the crypto space.”

Veelgestelde vragen

We hebben momenteel geen prijsinformatie van Dawkoins DAW beschikbaar.
Het circulerende aanbod van Dawkoins is 989500136.
Het totale aanbod van Dawkoins is 989500136.
Het maximale aanbod van Dawkoins is 1000000000.
Dawkoins is een gedecentraliseerde coin.
Dawkoins is a token running on the Solana blockchain.
Dawkoins bereikte een all-time-high van USD op .
The contract address of Dawkoins is 7cb67ev3jvBKaAH1tnVM8FL8WfQ96sa2TYByEXajqx8N.

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