DeBio Network (DBIO)

DeBio Network (DBIO)

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Blockchain icon Blockchain: Near
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Over DeBio Network?

DeBio Network (DBIO) is a decentralized biomedical network that aims to empower users to sample and test anonymously from the comfort of their own homes. The platform allows labs of all sizes to collaborate on analyzing genetic and medical data, as well as offering joint biomedical products. Users can generate a DeBio wallet and choose a biomedical testing product, with a smart contract locking the required number of tokens for payment. The user then samples themselves and sends the sample to the lab anonymously. The lab encrypts the results with the user’s public key, ensuring complete data sovereignty and anonymity.

DeBio utilizes Ethereum as a payment method for genetic and biomedical services offered by labs worldwide. It launched on the Octopus Mainnet, backed by the NEAR Protocol, which provides multi-chain computing and collaboration capabilities. The platform utilizes IPFS as its distributed storage layer and is an official partner of the Kilt Decentralized Identity Protocol. DeBio also uses Substrate as a blockchain framework to securely store anonymous user transactions without compromising privacy. The DeBio token (DBIO) has been minted in NEP-141 format and can be bridged to Substrate via the Octopus bridge.

The DeBio Network offers various use cases, including decentralized genetics, allowing users to sample and sequence their genome and receive genetic reports anonymously. It also facilitates access to electronic medical records on the platform, with patient consent, while ensuring the delinking of KYC and EMR data. Hospitals and labs can provide anonymous-first, at-home medical testing, including testing for SARS-CoV2 and other diseases. Additionally, labs can collaborate on the platform to offer joint products and integrate services from multiple labs. DeBio has received media coverage and won awards, including recognition at ETHDenver 2021 and as a United Nations SDG Impact Winner.

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De huidige prijs van DeBio Network DBIO is 0.00082481 USD.
Het circulerende aanbod van DeBio Network is 0.
Het totale aanbod van DeBio Network is onbekend.
Het maximale aanbod van DeBio Network is onbekend.
Helaas is het land van DeBio Network onbekend.
DeBio Network is a token running on the Near blockchain.
The contract address of DeBio Network is 97CZDffnsjXXsrLGFN1mDdERWEMWMAsvMgwRuRfDhDzS.

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