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Overzicht van alle Cryptocurrency Wallets

A complete list of all the wallets, hard- & software, to store your tokens and cryptocurrencies along with the country it’s based in and whether or not the user has access to the private key. You can also filter on features like fiat gateway, coin converter and payment card.

Wallet Land
Wallet Type Land Toegang tot private keys Fiat gateway Coin conversie Betaalkaart

All wallet types and other metadata explained

Besides the wallet name and type, we provide other metadata of each wallet like the country it is based in. The type has two options, which are either a hardware or software wallet. A hardware wallet is always a physical device but doesn’t necessarily have to be an electronic device. Software wallets come in many forms: mobile app, desktop software or online service.

The feature ‘user has access to the private key’ is an important feature when choosing the right wallet. If a wallet does allow the user to hold the private key, it means you have full self-custody over your crypto assets and you need to make sure to have a very good redundant backup. Wallets that do not allow you to export the private key or mnemonic seed can be considered a custodian wallet. This means that a third party has full access to your funds stored in the wallet. This is a risk when the wallet goes offline and you don’t have access to your funds anymore. Always be very diligent when choosing the right wallet for you. 

The features fiat gateway refers to the possibility to have a way to either sell or buy coins inside the wallet using fiat money. This can be done via a bank transfer or a payment processor. It depends on how the wallet has implemented this feature.

The coin converter is a feature where you can swap one coin for another coin within the wallet. There are centralized and decentralized solutions for this and can be different for each wallet that has implemented this. 

The payment card is a feature that has become popular in recent years to provide users with a way to spend their coins using a debit or (pre-paid) credit card.

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