DV8 Coin (DV8)


Blockchain: DV8 Coin
Ticker: DV8
Type: Cryptocurrency
Proof type: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
Algoritme: Scrypt
Tijd per block (sec): 120



Totaal: 49 999 998 976
Max: 49 999 998 976




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* Het circulerende en totale aanbod kan aan veranderingen onderhevig zijn. Controleer altijd de officiële website.

DV8 Coin Prijsgrafiek

DV8 Coin Prijs


Wat is DV8 Coin?

“DV8 is a Proof of Stake (PoS) coin that uses the Scrypt algorithm with a high fixed annual percentage rate of returns with superblocks at certain intervals.

DV8 is the next high ROI pos coin you have been looking for! First exchanges have already been paid and we are ready to list soon!

PoS allows you to mint new coins for having coins in your wallet, getting rewarded for being part of the DV8 blockchain network.

With PoS you don’t have to deal with the high operating costs and issues commonly faced with PoW systems.

Proof of Stake allows you to get rewarded for holding (staking) your coins in your wallet and you’ll get rewarded for being part of the DV8 blockchain network.

Dv8 is primarily a high APR coin with superblocks at fixed intervals.

DV8 brings a ‘never seen before’ feature in the wallet which is a unique feature to buy coins in the wallet itself!

This feature is only available for Bitcoin and Litecoin.

You can send BTC or LTC to your DV8 wallet and use it to buy DV8 without having to use an exchange!

The Dv8 team consists of experienced professionals in the POS environment.

We aim to create an open, helpful and transparent community of investors, using Discord as our community hub!”

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