ioTube Bridged GEOD (IoTeX) (GEOD)

ioTube Bridged GEOD (IoTeX) (GEOD)

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The ioTube Bridged GEOD (IoTeX), with ticker GEOD, is a community-based network known as GEODNET. Powered by a community of Satellite Miners, its mission is to gather dense real-time geospatial data from the Earth and her Atmosphere using a new class of roof-mounted Space Weather stations. This network enables everyone to contribute and benefit from the world’s largest decentralized GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network by mining GEOD tokens without needing high-power CPU or GPU-intensive equipment.

Space Weather refers to the continuous and natural changes in our Sun that have practical impacts on our world. GEODNET can help track air quality and sea levels, predict earthquakes, and provide accurate position measurements by monitoring real-time Space Weather data. The new receiver technology used by GEODNET, combined with the power of blockchain, enables the network to provide a dense set of measurements at a significantly lower cost than traditional observation networks. This scalable and cost-effective solution has global exposure, is robust and decentralized, and offers high performance for broader applications.

Joining GEODNET is accessible to anyone with a roof. The GEODNET stations mine satellite navigation signals to form a real-time data source. The Proof of Accuracy system monitors miners who register on the network, and they receive rewards proportional to the quality and uniqueness of their data. These rewards are distributed daily using the GEOD token, a Polygon-based ERC-20 token. By leveraging the power of blockchain, GEODNET builds a global cyberinfrastructure that provides accurate location services and contributes to the economy of scale in terms of cost, reliability, and accuracy.

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ioTube Bridged GEOD (IoTeX) is een cryptocurrency die draait op zijn eigen blockchain.

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