QuBuck Coin (QBK)


Blockchain: QuBuck Coin
Ticker: QBK
Type: Cryptocurrency
Proof type: Proof of Stake (PoS)
Algoritme: X13





Unknown Website
Unknown Status

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* Het circulerende en totale aanbod kan aan veranderingen onderhevig zijn. Controleer altijd de officiële website.

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QuBuck Coin Prijs


Wat is QuBuck Coin?

“QIBUCK COIN is the creation of not one but many like minded Souls that have come together to help create a solid Crypto Currency that will be here for years to come.. Many who know one of us as qibucks on the Poloniex Trollbox will remember all the laughter and jokes we used to have around our bagholding coins that either died or nose dived, so we wanted to remedy this situation by creating a coin that everyone would be proud to baghold. So anyone bagholding 500 coins or more will be eligible to earn a monthly bagbonus from our investment portfolio’s net income on a monthly basis forever, as long as they hold 500 coins or more and as long as we have profits for the period.

What makes bagholding QIBUCK COIN so special then? Every Bagholder of 500 or more QIBUCKS will be sharing in the revenue created by all the ventures we invest in from the offset and from referral commissions and sales from various sites and activities. You will not only earn from the proof of stake but you will earn also from the THE PROOF OF BAGHOLD, which is the part that is going to create intrinsic value for our coin. When our investment income generated every month increases and QIBUCK COIN is backed up by these investments wouldn’t that be a desirable reason to want to own and hold this coin? We will also share our revenues to create more and more distribution of QIBUCKS to those less fortunate Ones too who need a break to be able to thrive and blossom. We believe that every Being on this planet has the right not only to a nice warm home and security, but also has the right to own the freedom to grow and develop to its fullest potential and to this end we present to you QIBUCK COIN.”

Coin informatie:
QuBuck Coin met de ticker QBK is een cryptocurrency uit een onbekend land en heeft een onbekende marktkapitalisatie.
Het algoritme van de QuBuck Coin blockchain is ‘Unknown’ en het heeft een ‘Unknown’ proof type.
Helaas is de website en het circulerende aanbod van QBK coins onbekend.

Als je extra informatie hebt over QuBuck Coin (QBK), zouden we dat heel graag horen!
Je kunt ons update data formulier om informatie toe te voegen of bij te werken.

Prijs informatie:
Op dit moment hebben we geen werkende feed om de koers van QuBuck Coin (QBK) op te halen.

Voor het laatst bijgewerkt: 292275 minuten geleden.

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