SuppoCoin (SUPPO)


Blockchain: SuppoCoin
Ticker: SUPPO
Type: Cryptocurrency
Proof type: Proof-of-Work (PoW)
Algoritme: X11
Tijd per block (sec): 150



Totaal: 18 900 000
Max: 18 900 000


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SuppoCoin Prijsgrafiek

SuppoCoin Prijs


Wat is SuppoCoin?

“SuppoCoin (a fork of DASH) is a digital currency made for fast and efficient transactions over the internet. SuppoCoin (SUPPO) has values that are in keeping with the ethos of all cryptocurrencies – totally decentralized and community owned, taking the power out of the hands of banks and other middleman institutions. SuppoCoin is committed to being accessible to all and will not require special hardware to mine profitably. SuppoCoin is being developed by a core team of 4 with a vision:our goal is to have the perfect community coin, backed by the greatest and most active community in the cryptocurrency industry. SuppoCoin will be capped – limited just like reserves of physical gold and silver, so safer from manipulation. Transaction fees will stay low as they will be spread across the mining group and masternode holders. It’s time to leave the banks behind – SuppoCoin is a system of wealth transfer by the community, for the community.”

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