EntroBeam (EIX)

EntroBeam (EIX)


Flagge von Weltweit (dezentral) Weltweit (dezentral)
Blockchain icon Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Ticker icon Ticker: EIX
Type icon Typ: Token
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:


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Circ icon Circ.: 400 001 305Question Mark Icon
Max icon Max: 1 000 000 000


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What Is EntroBeam (EIX)?

EntroBeam is a blockchain project that generates an indispensable Entropy in computer science.


EntroBeam is the native utility token and currently has the following features:

[Entropy Registry]: A database stores entropy 256bits hex-string seeds sent by users and the secure Entropy generated by the contract.

[Entropy Chain]: is another set belonging to the entropy registry set. It is a set used to determine which Entropy to deliver to a user entropy that has not yet been assigned a secure entropy (reveal or settle seed).

[Shuffle Entropy]: By applying various algorithms, the gas fees (10^-18) in the entropy chain and the user’s 256-bit seed are mixed to generate the secure Entropy with the avalanche effect applied.

[Entropy Mining]: The act of users paying gas fees and creating entropy registry TXs has a similar aspect to mining, which generates hash power by paying electricity and equipment costs. The more transactions flow into the contract, the more reliable the secure Entropy.


What Is Entropy?

[Citing NIST 800-90A], „The entropy source produces random bitstrings to be used by an RBG.“ (Random Bits Generator, RNG: Random Number Generator).

[Citing NIST 800-90B], „The three main components of a cryptographic RBG are a source of random bits (an entropy source), an algorithm for accumulating and providing random bits to the consuming applications, and a way to combine the first two components appropriately for cryptographic applications.“


Entropy is used as the source of the RGB, which is the cornerstone of Digital Signature, Public-key Encryption, and Key-establishment?moreover applies to sampling and modeling of probability distributions, what essential for data analysis and machine learning.


How can I get EIX tokens?

  • Only [Entropy Mining] will supply EIX tokens. Anyone, including owners, cannot create/supply EIX by any other method.
  • Annual supply decreases by 0.1% per year from 30,000,000 EIX. Calculations are based on Unix TimeStamp(Epoch) and are approximate. So, with or without users seed Txs, EIX will reduce the token supply, and without users, EIX may not be able to fill the annual supply. The supply is still subject to change depending on circumstances in the crypto ecosystem.
  • The annual supply is calculated as the supply per transaction. Therefore, if there is only one TX user in one block, one person receives all the rewards in the block. If there is more than one user, the rewards are divided and distributed.
  • EIX currently works on the Binance platform, but the token distribution will be divided as EIX expands to other platforms. Since the value of the fee is different for each platform, it is divided proportionally. But, Since it is calculated based on the epoch, the reward will continue to decrease even if there are no users using it.
  • The rewards per block can be checked by calling rewardsPerBlock in the EntroBeam Contract. [rewardsPerBlock (Decimals:18, wei unit)]


What is Entropy used for?

  • RBG: Random bit generators(RBG, Random number generators (RNGs)) are essential for various computer processes, such as cryptography, simulations, machine learning, gaming, programming, gambling, scientific studies, statistical sampling, and the list goes on.
  • Probability Distribution: A probability distribution is the mathematical function of a random phenomenon in terms of its sample space and the probabilities of occurrence of various possible outcomes. Most processes occurring in the world around us can be described by probability distributions analyzed. Therefore, It?s inextricably linked to the data science model.


How can I use it?

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Der aktuelle Preis von EntroBeam EIX ist 0.151492 USD.
Der zirkulierende Angebot von EntroBeam ist 400001305.
Der gesamte Angebot von EntroBeam ist unbekannt.
Der maximale Angebot von EntroBeam ist 1000000000.
EntroBeam ist eine dezentralisierte Coin.
EntroBeam is a token running on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
EntroBeam erreichte ein Allzeit-Höchstpreis von 0 USD am 1 Jan 1970.
The contract address of EntroBeam is 0xDF7F1af35e682c4eFAd40e97C9E370137DD471a1.

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