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Flagge von Thailand Thailand (TH)
Blockchain icon Blockchain: Tron
Ticker icon Ticker: FRANC
Type icon Typ: Token
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Total icon Total: 1 000 000 000
Max icon Max: 1 000 000 000

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FRANC is a cryptocurrency coin called ₣ranc GameFi TRX, created by Nicolas Choukroun. It is based on the TRON blockchain technology. The ₣ranc was originally one of the oldest currencies in history, dating back to the 14th century, before being replaced by the Euro in 1999. In an effort to resurrect this currency in a virtual world, FRANC has been developed with real usability in mind. It is listed on the CREX24 exchange and can be traded against BTC, ETH, and USDT.

FRANC is designed as a smart contract TRC20 token on the Tron blockchain, providing the reliability and scalability necessary for its re-creation. With its history as a trusted international reserve currency, FRANC aims to gain acceptance and be used in various countries. The project is supported by a community that believes in the potential of FRANC and its ability to compete with fiat currencies. The goal is to develop tools and applications to make FRANC popular among ordinary people and create a new economy outside the control of traditional financial institutions.

FRANC has the potential to become one of the most widely adopted cryptocurrencies, especially through its integration with the W.O.K project. W.O.K is a virtual world where FRANC will be the main currency used for transactions. This project offers an alternative to the current financial system and provides a secure place for people to work, have fun, and trade commodities. FRANC is also mineable until 2023, allowing individuals to acquire the currency by holding it and earning a monthly APR of 15% for wallets holding more than 5 million FRANC. By diversifying assets and keeping wealth outside of the traditional financial system, FRANC offers a potential plan B in case of a financial crisis.

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Für FRANC FRANC liegen uns derzeit keine Preisinformationen vor.
Der zirkulierende Angebot von FRANC ist 0.
Der gesamte Angebot von FRANC ist 1000000000.
Der maximale Angebot von FRANC ist 1000000000.
FRANC ist ansässig in: Thailand.
FRANC is a token running on the Tron blockchain.
FRANC erreichte ein Allzeit-Höchstpreis von 0.0000383983 USD am 9 Sep 2021.
The contract address of FRANC is THfTjR6aNpmDaavokHzix89X9cCFmh5z7c.

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