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Blockchain icon Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Ticker icon Ticker: PEPEGA
Type icon Typ: Token
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:


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$6 795

Coin Angebot

Total icon Total: 357 357 000 000 000
Max icon Max: 357 357 000 000 000

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Über Pepe GEM AI?

Pepe GEM AI (PEPEGA) is a powerful cryptocurrency coin armed with advanced artificial intelligence tools that assist users in finding hidden gems in the crypto market. With its sophisticated AI technology, Pepe GEM AI scours the market, analyzing social media reach, influencer activity, and individual project rankings to provide users with valuable insights and information. It tracks new crypto projects, monitors influencer activity, and calculates individual rankings for each project, taking into account various factors such as engagement and social ratings. Pepe GEM AI also offers a Dapp platform with a user-friendly web interface and a messenger bot for easy access to its functionalities.

Pepe GEM AI is committed to maintaining the price stability of its native token, PEPEGA, and reducing inflation. To achieve this, 50% of all platform and bot fees are burned. The platform also offers yield farming opportunities, allowing users to earn rewards in PEPEGA and WBNB tokens by storing LP liquidity tokens. Pepe GEM AI has an extensive network of partners, including trading platforms like Binance, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap, as well as influencers, projects, and venture capitals.

With a roadmap outlining its future plans, Pepe GEM AI aims to continue improving its AI capabilities and expand its reach. The platform plans to release new versions of its AI bot, launch on Ethereum and other major blockchains, enhance its project rating system, and develop a trading bot. Pepe GEM AI also focuses on user experience, offering features such as giveaways tracking, alerts on entry and exit points, and a dedicated web portal. By combining social networks and advanced AI technology, Pepe GEM AI provides users with a comprehensive platform for crypto market analysis.

Häufig Gestellte Fragen

Der aktuelle Preis von Pepe GEM AI PEPEGA ist 0.0000000000190141 USD.
Der zirkulierende Angebot von Pepe GEM AI ist 0.
Der gesamte Angebot von Pepe GEM AI ist 357357000000000.
Der maximale Angebot von Pepe GEM AI ist 357357000000000.
Leider ist das Land von Pepe GEM AI unbekannt.
Pepe GEM AI is a token running on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.
Pepe GEM AI erreichte ein Allzeit-Höchstpreis von 0.000000000148335 USD am 2 Jun 2023.
The contract address of Pepe GEM AI is 0x9386a8797226a68e2788163925789cdba81eda1d.

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