Whalemap (WMP)

Whalemap (WMP)

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Blockchain icon Blockchain: Solana
Ticker icon Ticker: WMP
Type icon Typ: Token
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:


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Coin Angebot

Total icon Total: 300 000 000
Max icon Max: 300 000 000

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Über Whalemap?

Whalemap (WMP) is a leading on-chain analytics platform that aims to make cryptocurrency trading simple and profitable. With Whalemap, traders can easily find accurate buy and sell levels by studying the prices at which big players buy cryptocurrencies. These prices act as supports and resistances, providing valuable insights for making informed trading decisions. Whether traders are looking to anticipate the next bounce or predict a downward movement, Whalemap has mapped out all the important prices for their trading needs.

Whalemap’s effectiveness is recognized by its large and growing user base. According to a survey, Whalemap users are three times more likely to make profitable trading decisions compared to non-users. With more than 100,000 followers on crypto Twitter, Whalemap has already gained popularity in the crypto community. Traders who want to stay ahead in the market should not miss out on Whalemap’s insights and strategies.

Whalemap showcases its platform’s capabilities through real-time updates on significant market activities. For example, recent tweets from Whalemap provide insights into whale wallet movements, potential support levels, and notable profits made by traders. By utilizing on-chain data and presenting it in a single chart, Whalemap offers a clear and comprehensive way to identify both tops and bottoms in Bitcoin. With over 120,000 registered users, Whalemap has established itself as a trusted source of information for cryptocurrency traders. For now, the platform is offered to users for free, providing an accessible opportunity to try out Whalemap and benefit from its analytical tools.

Häufig Gestellte Fragen

Der aktuelle Preis von Whalemap WMP ist 0.00067051 USD.
Der zirkulierende Angebot von Whalemap ist 0.
Der gesamte Angebot von Whalemap ist 300000000.
Der maximale Angebot von Whalemap ist 300000000.
Leider ist das Land von Whalemap unbekannt.
Whalemap is a token running on the Solana blockchain.
The contract address of Whalemap is BygDd5LURoqztD3xETc99WCxLUbTi6WYSht9XiBgZ4HW.

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