ADAMANT Messenger

ADAMANT Messenger


Wallet Type: Software
Utility coin: ADM
User owns private keys: Yes
Payment card: No
Fiat gateway: No
Affiliate program: No
Coin converter: No


Windows: No
MacOS: No
Linux: No
Android: Yes
iOS: Yes
Webwallet: Yes
Chrome extension: No


Status : Online



This data can be outdated. Visit the official website for the most accurate information.

Wat is ADAMANT Messenger?

“ADAMANT is a unique product — it’s the only messenger functioning entirely on a Blockchain.

It’s a brand new technology, created in early 2017 (aged 1.5 years), utilizing an updated DPoS protocol. ADAMANT outperforms other messengers in both security and privacy, featuring in-chat cryptocurrency transfers.

The Messenger is being developed by ADAMANT Tech Labs LP (registered in Ireland), and has already found a consistently growing community around the world. The application is available on the AppStore for iOS devices, in-browser (Web-Application), and currently in-development; the beta version of the Android app.

ADM is a utility-token supporting the ADAMANT Messenger infrastructure. As for today, with ADM you can send funds with 2-9 seconds transaction time (one of the fastest on cryptocurrency market), pay for using messenger’s internal functions (since everything’s done through the blockchain), send messages, that are going to be highly encrypted and stored in the blockchain.

Also, with ADM token you can vote for network’s delegates and forging pools, deciding the blockchain’s level of decentralization, proper work and security – best option for the technical democracy.”

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