Wallet Type: Software
Utility coin: EPT Token
User owns private keys: Yes
Payment card: No
Fiat gateway: Yes
Affiliate program: Read about affiliate links
Coin converter: Yes


Windows: No
MacOS: No
Linux: No
Android: Yes
iOS: Yes
Webwallet: Yes
Chrome extension: No


Status : Online



This data can be outdated. Visit the official website for the most accurate information.

Wat is E-POCKET?

“e-Pocket is a fintech Australian company developing a peer to peer mobile payment for individuals and businesses, designed to revolutionize the way people pay, buy and sell goods and services with fiat and cryptocurrencies.  Our aim is to build a worldwide marketplace on top of our robust and secure payment infrastructure for an even greater economic connection among people across the globe. This, we believe will help create more opportunities for those who have a lot to offer but do not have access to a platform that can help. We want to widen the sphere of trust and expand the world market for the benefit of all. This is our ultimate goal…

e-Pocket ecosystem offers a unique opportunity for users to use only their mobile phones, tablets or web portal as a payment tool to cater for all their everyday buying and selling needs, using both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The system uses encrypted QR codes that are assigned to each user individually. The user is initiating the scan of QR code with their either smartphone or tablet. The system will recognize the owner of the specific QR code and will allow the payment. All the invoices and receipts are stored in the system and can be accessed at any time. Users will be able to store, purchase, receive and make payments using their cryptocurrency or through their e-Pocket wallet or debit/credit cards stored in the application or their bank account. Business owners will be able to sell their products or services in exchange for fiat or cryptocurrencies. e-Pocket also allows transfer of money or cryptocurrencies between e-Pocket users and business affiliates regardless of their location. The ticketing and feature will provide event organizers with a ticketing admin portal where they can promote their events, allowing users to advertise to e-Pocket affiliates via push notifications or placement on the e-Pocket interactive map. The geolocation feature will allow users to find e-Pocket business affiliates on a network map. EPT is a utility token which can be used later on our mobile App and Web platform to cover for transaction fees.  EPT holders will also be able to rip the benefits of several discounts and loyalty programs when purchasing goods and services within the e-Pocket ecosystem.”


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