Enjin Wallet


  • Singapore
  • Wallet type: Software
  • Utility coin: Enjin
  • Private keys zelf in bezit: Ja
  • Betaalkaart:Nee
  • Fiat gateway: Nee
  • Affiliate programma: Nee
  • Coin converter: Nee

  • Windows: Nee
  • MacOS: Nee
  • Linux: Nee
  • Android: Ja
  • iOS: Ja
  • Webwallet: Nee
  • Chrome extensie: Nee
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Wat is Enjin Wallet?
The Enjin Smart Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet on your mobile phone with several security techniques in place, such as the Enjin Secure Keyboard, rule of two encryption, screenshot blocking and other measures. It is designed for simple and fast coin management and support multiple blockchains with more to come. The wallet can provide detailed transaction information, supports custom fees and limits and you can import several (hardware) wallets.
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