List of all cryptocurrencies and tokens

A complete list of all the cryptocurrencies and tokens with their underlying blockchain along with the country it’s based in, the type, status, proof type and the used algorithm.

    # Logo Name Price Change (24h) Market Cap Circulating Supply Volume (24h)

      All coin types and other metadata explained

      Besides the coin name and ticker and underlying blockchain, we also provide other metadata of each coin. The country refers to where it is based. Some coins are in a specific country and others are not centrally based and thus have the country ‘Worldwide (Decentralized)’ set’. 

      There are two types: cryptocurrencies and tokens. A coin is the umbrella term for these two. A cryptocurrency is the native coin of its blockchain, Bitcoin or Ether for example, whereas a token does not have its own blockchain. It is generated or minted on top of an existing blockchain. 

      The status column refers to the website. This is either online, offline or unknown if there is no website registered for the coin in our dataset. 

      The proof type and algorithm are aspects of cryptocurrencies only.

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