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      Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

      Generic Questions is one of the largest blockchain databases aggregating data about coins, exchanges, wallets, companies and countries. Our goal is to be an informative platform for all topics related to Blockchain technology. You can read more on our about page.

      The verified badge means that a representative of the Coin, Exchange, Wallet or Company has validated the data we listed on their page. In the case of missing or incorrect data, it has been updated and corrected at the time of validation. The verified badge does not imply an endorsement by More info can be found here:

      You can use the form on our contact page to send us a message. We usually respond within 24 hours during weekdays.

      We use several API sources to show the pricing information of the coins we list. Some coins have a good liquidity and trading volume resulting in pretty much the same price on each exchange. Other coins are very illiquid and the price and size of the order book can vary a lot. We cannot guarantee the correct price of each coin. Our advice is to check out the individual exchanges to get the most accurate information.

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      Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

      Blockchain is a cryptocurrency system in which a record of transactions is maintained within an encrypted database across a linked network. Blockchain can be seen as a database in which every participant has a replicated copy of the information. Keep on reading in this article about blockchain.

      Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that was ever created and will only have a maximum supply of 21 million coins. It still is the largest coin based on market cap.  You can find the current price on our Bitcoin page or read more about it in this Bitcoin article.

      Ethereum is a blockchain that supports smart contracts. Its mainnet went live in 2015 and is still under heavy development. Read all about it in the article ‘What is Ethereum?

      An altcoin is any cryptocurrency or token created after the Bitcoin was developed.

      An ‘initial coin offering’ (ICO) can be compared a bit with an IPO. Investors get an opportunity to invest in a certain coin for the first time. The difference with the stock market however is that a company has to meet all kinds of requirements before the IPO can take place. The market of ICO’s is much less regulated. Therefore, it happens more often that an ICO is fraudulent.

      An airdrop is a distribution of tokens or cryptocurrencies to often a large number of wallets. The coins are usually given away for free to the participants. In this article, you can read all about the types of airdrops, risks, how to find airdrops and much more.

      The cryptocurrency and blockchain market can be very overwhelming, even for tech-savvy people. There are so many new terms and slang in this space that we decided to list the most relevant terms in our crypto dictionary.


      A coin is the umbrella term for cryptocurrencies and tokens. A cryptocurrency, also known as ‘crypto’, is a type of currency that is transferred via a blockchain and is its native coin for paying the transaction fees. Tokens on the other hand are not the native coin of a blockchain and can be easily created using templates filling out the initial supply, number of decimals and other metadata.

      All the information on should be considered purely informational and not as investment advice. Each investor has to do their own research and seek professional financial advice before taking risks.

      The number of coins in existence are already in the tens of thousands. We try to list them all and you can find the full list of all tokens and cryptocurrencies here:

      You can buy them on a centralized or decentralized exchange or through other financial products. There are many different ways to invest your fiat money into the blockchain space. We have listed a lot of these platforms in our exchange list.

      Yes, we are happy to list new coins. You can use this form to submit all the details.

      The listing of a cryptocurrency or token is free-of-charge on We might charge for some value-added services though.

      There is a saying ‘not your keys, not your coins’, referring to the private key of a cryptoasset. If you hold the key and are able to keep it safe that is generally the best way to keep it. There are many wallets listed on our platform, but it is very important to make your own decision. Some people like to keep it on exchanges to avoid withdrawal fees and have easy access to trading, while others like to store it very safely on hardware wallets. It really is up to you and your risk appetite. 

      This really depends on your personal situation and the country where you have to pay tax in. There is no global standard for this. We can help you find some generic country information of most countries. Check out our country list.


      A crypto exchange is a platform where you can buy, sell, convert, loan, borrow and do other things with your cryptos and fiat currency. There are many types of platforms providing a wide range of services in this industry. You can find the full list here:

      A CEX is short for Centralized Exchange and a DEX is short for Decentralized Exchange. The main difference between the two is that a CEX has a central party controlling the exchange and thus also the private key of your crypto assets. When you use a DEX it is interacting with your self-custody wallet using smart contracts. Both have their own pros and cons.

      There are over a thousand platforms related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It is important to do to good research before using them.

      You can use our exchange listing form to provide us with the details of the exchange. We are happy to list it on our platform.

      The listing of an exchange is free-of-charge on We might charge for some value-added services though.


      A ‘wallet’ is a place to store cryptocurrencies encrypted. There are several variants, such as a paper wallet, hardware wallet or software wallet. Each coin has one or more supported wallets. See here all wallets.

      Each cryptocurrency has its own wallet, so that would result in thousands. You can find it on the coin’s website. At we only list wallets that support multiple coins. You can find the full list here:

      You can use our wallet listing form to provide us with the details of the wallet. We are happy to list it on our platform.

      The listing of a wallet is free-of-charge on We might charge for some value-added services though.


      At we consider a blockchain company as a business that provides other services in the industry than coins, exchanges or wallets. For example information / news, consultancy, ATM’s, analytic tools, API’s, etc. You can find the full list of companies here:

      You can find the correct link to the listing form on this page using the ‘Get Started’ button.

      Unless agreed otherwise the listing of a blockchain company is not free-of-charge. There is a monthly, annual or lifetime payment option on our pricing page.

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