You can use this table to search for a coin (cryptocurrency or token).


1. Search in the right top for a specific word.
Example: Example: Search ‘Eth’ and you will see all the coins with ‘Eth’ in the name, blockchain, type or country.

2. Use the column filters.
Example: How to search for all Ethereum based tokens from Singapore? -> type ‘Eth’ in the blockchain column and ‘Sing’ in the country column.


ID Coin Blockchain Type Country
55 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Unknown
56 Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum Token Switzerland
57 Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Worldwide
58 Cardano (ADA) Cardano Cryptocurrency Switzerland
59 Litecoin (LTC) Litecoin Cryptocurrency Worldwide
60 NEO (NEO) NEO Token China
61 XRP (XRP) XRP Cryptocurrency Unknown
634 Peercoin (PPC) Peercoin Cryptocurrency Unknown
635 Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Bitcoin Gold Cryptocurrency Unknown
636 Cryptobontix (UNY) Ethereum Token Unknown
ID Coin Blockchain Type Country