The Swedish Trust KB
The Swedish Trust KB

"The Swedish Trust is an integrated trust and wealth management company that provides solutions for an optimal strategy tailored to an individual client’s profile, objectives and time horizon. We will create a suitable and profitable asset allocation comprising the most appropriate method of implementation that includes a variety of products and vehicles.

We are a fully licensed, boutique trust and investment management specialist that is officially registered and fully compliant in Sweden, a country with international respect and wide recognition, not only throughout Europe but also throughout the world.

We are officially registered as Professional Trustee in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing  Prevention Act 2017:630 (AML/CFT Compliance) with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as Supervisory Authority for AML/CFT purposes.  The Swedish Trust manages assets held in Trusts structured under various jurisdictions.

As a professional investment management company, we can manage a variety of assets. We manage this by creating a mutually agreeable investment plan with above-market rate of returns. There are no limits on the number of clients or amounts we can manage. Such assets may include cash, diamonds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and others."

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"Softtik provides blockchain development services & solutions worldwide with the aim of bringing revolutionary decentralized applications to reshape the technology landscape. We are a reliable and leading blockchain development agency with a creative and efficient team. Join hands with us to build a strong and promising future for generations to come." Erfahren Sie mehr über armanino
NOWPayments LTD

NOWPayments is the cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows businesses to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other coins on their websites. The project believeы everyone should have the chance to offer crypto payments as a payment choice for donations, fundraisers, and e-commerce stores.

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AEM Technologies Pty Ltd
AEM Technologies Pty Ltd
"Our Story

It all started during the back-end of the crypto explosion in early 2018. AEM founder & CEO Jakub saw a vision into the future, where cryptocurrency transforms the way that people transact and manage their assets. One thing led to another, and eventually sparked a simple, yet powerful idea: an integrated accounting tool that simplifies crypto tracking and reconciliation, AEM Journaler." Erfahren Sie mehr über AEM

"A sign-in option for people new to blockchain.

Bridge is a wallet for blockchain products. Sign in with an email address, and buy crypto with USD."

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Cash Cloud, Inc
Cash Cloud, Inc

"With over 2,000 machines from coast to coast, a customized non-custodial wallet app, convenient online purchasing and white-glove Private Client services, we offer you more ways to buy and sell more digital currencies than anyone else."

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"Digital Currency Group's mission is to accelerate the development of a better financial system. We do this by building and supporting blockchain and digital currency companies using our network, insights, and access to capital.

DCG has been the most active investor in the digital currency industry, with investments in over 130 companies in 30 different countries, including market leaders such as Coinbase, Circle, Ledger, and Ripple.

We also own and operate three businesses: CoinDesk (the industry's leading media, research, and events platform), Genesis Trading (the industry's leading digital currency brokerage firm), and Grayscale Investments (the largest digital currency asset management firm and the manager of 10 products, including the Bitcoin Investment Trust (symbol: GBTC)). "

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"Building the Future of Finance

Fidelity Digital AssetsSM is dedicated to building products and services that help institutions adopt digital assets and innovate within the increasingly digital world of finance.

Fidelity Investments began researching blockchain technology and digital assets solutions more than seven years ago, resulting in the creation of a dedicated business for this innovative asset class, Fidelity Digital AssetsSM. Our years of research and development have provided us with the deep expertise necessary to educate our clients and remove the obstacles of investing in the digital asset market."

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Grayscale Investments, LLC
Grayscale Investments, LLC

"Digital currencies are poised to radically transform our financial system, but it won’t happen overnight. At Grayscale Investments, we believe investors deserve an established, trusted, and accountable partner that can help them navigate the gray areas of digital currency investing. That’s why we are building transparent, familiar investment products that facilitate access to this emerging asset class, and provide the springboard to invest in the new digital currency-powered “internet of money."

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"HUMBL is a social payments, merchant and reviews platform."

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"At first glance, investing in crypto assets may appear daunting, complex and requiring technical, legal and financial knowhow. Getting exposure necessitates orchestrating multiple and fragmented services.

Northstake changes that, giving institutional investors efficient crypto asset staking, secure crypto custody and intelligent crypto asset trading. Our global client base commits us to help educate the future market participants."

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Über Finanzdienstleistungen?
Entdecken Sie die Welt der Finanzdienstleistungen! Mit Blockchain können Sie Zahlungen mit niedrigen Gebühren und ohne Verzögerungen senden und empfangen. Zugelassene Unternehmen bieten jetzt ein Zahlungsgateway für Händler an, um Zahlungen über Kryptowährungen zu akzeptieren. Es hat eine neue Welt der Möglichkeiten für Unternehmen jeder Größe eröffnet. Die Unternehmen in dieser Liste bieten eine breite Palette von Finanzdienstleistungen an.

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