Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) (SOETH)

Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) (SOETH)

Coin Information

Onbekend Land Icon Onbekend Land
Blockchain icon Blockchain: Solana
Ticker icon Ticker: SOETH
Type icon Type: Token
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:


Fully Diluted Valuation

$62 632 457

Coin Supply

Total icon Totaal: 483 499

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Over Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet)?

Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet), with ticker SOETH, is a digital token that represents Ethereum (ETH) on the Solana blockchain. It allows users to access the functionality of Ethereum within the Solana ecosystem. SOETH serves as a bridge between the two blockchain networks, enabling seamless transfers of ETH assets onto Solana and vice versa. By utilizing SOETH, users can leverage the speed, scalability, and low transaction fees of the Solana network while still being able to interact with Ethereum-based applications and assets.

With the increasing popularity of decentralized finance (DeFi) and the rise of various applications on the Solana blockchain, Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) provides users with the flexibility to participate in both ecosystems. It opens up new opportunities for cross-chain interoperability and allows users to explore the benefits of different blockchain networks. Holders of SOETH can enjoy the secure and decentralized nature of Ethereum while taking advantage of the fast and cost-efficient transactions offered by Solana.

As a wrapped token, SOETH is backed by real Ethereum assets held in custody by a trusted third party. This ensures that the supply of SOETH is fully collateralized and maintains a consistent ratio with the amount of Ethereum locked in custody. The wrapped token model enables the seamless movement of assets between different blockchain networks, providing users with increased liquidity and flexibility in their digital asset holdings.

Frequently Asked Questions

De huidige prijs van Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) SOETH is 129.54 USD.
Het circulerende aanbod van Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) is 0.
Het totale aanbod van Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) is 483499.
Het maximale aanbod van Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) is onbekend.
Helaas is het land van Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) onbekend.
Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) is a token running on the Solana blockchain.
The contract address of Wrapped Ethereum (Sollet) is 2FPyTwcZLUg1MDrwsyoP4D6s1tM7hAkHYRjkNb5w6Pxk.

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