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Are WoW Classic Gold and New World Coin Similar to Cryptocurrency?

Are WoW Classic Gold and New World Coin Similar to Cryptocurrency

Cryptos are trend right now, but outside of the video game community little is known that other digital assets, likes WoW Classic Gold and New World Coin and other MMO video currencies can hold a great value and provide great return on investment, perhaps even better than popular crypto-currencies like Bitcoin or Etherum, if done properly. 

What Are Video Game MMO Currencies?

With World of Warcraft, hundreds of other popular video MMO games came into existence. A simple google search will reveal a dozen of them, like Path of Exile, Final Fantasy XIV, Age of Conan, Elder Scrolls Online, Ashes of Creation and the upcoming New World among dozens of others. MMO games or MMORPG stands for Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Each of these games features a virtual world where thousands of players endlessly play for fun, achievements. In a way, there is not an end to these games, once a player gets addicted to it, it sticks to the game, usually for several months or years.

Each and every one of these games, just like in the real world, has its own currency system to support the game’s economy. Usually, these video game monies are called coins, credits, gold as they are mostly fantasy-based worlds, built around medieval fantasy and magic.

Players spend them just like in the world, but for many of the players, these virtual game currencies are difficult to gather. This has brought to the rise of MMO currency websites like Gold4Vanilla.com, which organize their own teams to gather and collect these game currencies in multiple MMO games and then resell them for solid profit margins to players who simply do not have the time or are to lazy to collect them, and would simply enjoy the “fun” parts of these games.

One can perhaps make a fortune out of them by investing properly into them. It requires contacting gamers from “Eastern countries” like China, who would usually play these games and collect these game coins, then store them into gaming banking accounts and then resell them to players through websites, forums or Social Media like Instagram or Facebook.

Which Are The Most Popular and Profitable MMO Game Currencies?

World of Warcraft Gold, contemporarily known as WoW TBC Classic Gold was, is and will remain popular due to the popularity of the game. Though, whenever there are thousands of players playing such MMO games, game currency will always be in demand, hundreds of thousands of sales are made daily even for games like Final Fantasy 14, Elder Scrolls Online, Warhammer and all others.

It is always a great idea to make an investment plan around upcoming games like Ashes of Creation or New World which is due to be released on 28th September 2021 (the release was postponed from the  original 31st August date this year). The final closed beta testing reveals that there will be millions of players playing the game, resulting in a plethora of new customers for people who will be selling New World coins.

In the end, while not dramatic like investing in BTC or ETH, investing in WoW Gold or investments in New World Coin can result with a steady return on investment because there are a lot less risks associated with. The learning curve for such investments is rather easy. By installing and playing the game for 5-6 days you can get an easy idea how to set everything up and running.

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