How to find the best poker rooms accepting cryptocurrencies?

How to find the best poker rooms accepting cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency poker rooms have been on the rise recently. Poker is one of the beloved casino games. It’s based on skill and the edge in favor of the house is the lowest when compared to any other gambling game. Cryptocurrencies allow players to play poker from anywhere in the world without having to provide any personal information.

In this article, we’ll go over what players should look for in a cryptocurrency poker room and we’ll provide you with a list of the best poker rooms accepting cryptocurrencies to try out.

Only Bet on Licensed Poker Rooms

 There are plenty of poker room sites out there and players should limit themselves to only those that have a proper license. Casinos need to apply for a license with the government agencies that regulate gambling. The fact that it has such a license proves that a poker room is safe.

Some poker rooms don’t have a license, and that offer large bonuses and great playing conditions overall. It’s best to avoid these rooms regardless of how good the offer is, as the license is the best proof that your funds and personal data are safe.

What Cryptocurrencies Can You Use?

 Poker rooms allow for payments to be made in a great variety of cryptocurrencies. There are also many that allow payments in traditional fiat currencies. Using poker rooms that allow payments to be made in different cryptocurrencies provides the players with options. Even if the players only plan to use one of the most famous cryptocurrencies it’s good to have alternatives.

The value of BTC changes based on market forces and using different currencies allows players to consider that. Players should keep track of exchange platforms and how each currency is doing before choosing which one to use.

Good Customer Support

 Playing in online poker rooms and using digital currency comes with some risks as players need to be able to contact the casino in case there’s an issue. That’s why a good customer support system is one of the most important features of a poker room.

It should allow players to contact customer support at any time and use a variety of channels such as calls, emails, or chats. A customer support system should be staffed by helpful experts and be available in different languages.

Suitable Opponents

 Poker rooms tend to differ greatly based on the size of bets players can make as well as the quality of the opponents you can get. Players need to choose a poker room in which they can play against players of equal skill and equal budget.

There’s also nothing wrong with shooting a bit above your means and challenging yourself. That will help the players get the most out of a poker room both in terms of potential winnings and in terms of engagement necessary to win. Finding the right opponents is often a question of balance and a trial and error process.


 Poker rooms that use BTC payments usually have a system of loyalty bonuses as a way to reward loyal players and attract new ones. The bonuses are usually match deposits, meaning that the casino matches the amount the player has added to their account. Some BTC poker rooms also offer direct deposit bonuses usually as a welcome present.

As is the case with any other casino bonuses, those offered by poker rooms aren’t free money. They always have wagering requirements attached meaning that players need to add some of their money to the pot before they are allowed to withdraw the bonus.

What are the Best Crypto Poker Rooms?

 Crypto poker rooms are on the rise and new ones are established every day. Based on the features we mentioned before, we’ve set up a list of some of the best poker rooms out there. These gambling sites provide the safest and most transparent experience to the players and allow payments to be made in BTC.


 Nitrobetting is a popular betting site with great live poker games. It also features a rich promotional offer with many different bonuses and side games. Players can bet on Nitrobetting without having to provide any personal or financial information.

The biggest downside of Nitrobetting is that it’s not transparent about its license, so it’s not really known if it’s licensed and where. The customer support system is also somewhat limiting as it doesn’t offer many channels with which to contact the casino.


 BitcCasino is a Bitcoin poker site that also features many other betting options. Both live poker and video poker games are available. BitCasino protects financial transactions and allows for instant payments in many different cryptocurrencies.

However, there’s no live chat customer support, which is a must in the industry. The log-in page is also not as safe as it could be as there’s no encryption available.

 Black Chip Poker

 Black Chip Poker is a crypto poker site that also comes in the form of an app. The players sitting at a table can share their identities with one another, but they remain anonymous to others. The site accepts over 60 different cryptocurrencies including the most popular ones.

The license issued to Black Chip Poker originates from Costa Rica. The site isn’t as good as the app as it’s somewhat confusing to navigate. It provides a wide selection of poker versions, however, including Texas Hold‘em –  no limit, fixed limit, and pot limit, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud, and 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, Blitz Poker, Sit & Go tournaments and tournaments with different bet limits.


 Chipstars is a poker platform allowing for a variety of different poker versions. As many as 3,000 different poker players can take part in the tournament events at the same time. The platform functions smoothly and it’s easy to navigate even with so many different versions of the game available.

There are, however, a lot of important downsides regarding security. The site doesn’t allow the two-step authentication and it’s not possible to use Chipstars without providing your name. Skrill and BTC are the only payment options.

Coin Poker

 Coin Poker is a safe and well-managed poker betting site. It allows players to bet without providing their name and utilizes blockchain so that all your data stays private. The payments are made right away as there are no banks involved. The site provides almost all kinds of poker games out there.

The biggest downside is that the stakes are somewhat low since it’s a poker room with a small community. There’s no welcome bonus, which is unusual but there’s a bonus for referrals.

To Sum Things Up

 Poker is one of the most played casino games. It’s a game that requires skill, tactics, and patience. Players that perfect the three can win big. Cryptocurrency poker sites have been on the rise recently. They allow players to bet anonymously and to make fast payments.

When players look for the best crypto poker casino, they should take into account its bonuses, customer support, as well as the security features it provides. It’s also essential to play in poker rooms that host players with similar budgets and talents. That way everyone plays on an even playing field.

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