It’s safe to say that the sports wagering landscape changed forever with the introduction of Dexsport in early 2022. As the world’s first decentralized online betting tool that runs on the power of blockchain technology and allows bettors from any country to access its services without needing to connect to VPNs or use other tricks, it has captured the attention of sports fans and gamblers globally. Dexsports’s innovative technology and fresh approach to peer-to-peer betting on sports helped the platform to quickly establish itself as one of the premier services in the industry.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 served as a demonstration of the impact and success of Dexsport in the sports gambling industry. As the tournament progressed, the platform saw an influx of new users drawn to the new betting tool, intrigued by its unique and innovative features and a never before seen approach to sports betting.

During the highly-anticipated final, thousands of individuals placed their bets through Dexsport, leading to a substantial increase in both platform traffic and the volume of bets placed. Such a huge and rapid growth of audience can be attributed to the fact that The World Cup 2022’s finale was held in gambling-restricted Qatar. In the face of restrictions, thousands of sports fans and wagerers were searching for a way to place a bet on the tournament outcome they had patiently waited for for the past four years.

Thanks to blockchain betting, they could easily place bets, staying fully anonymous, without having to uncover any personal information, even to the service’s customer support. This impressive growth solidified Dexsport’s reputation as a transformative force in the world of sports betting, disrupting the traditional norms and setting a new standard for the industry.
The platform’s unique approach to sports betting includes many innovative features that set Dexsport aside from traditional sportsbooks and online betting exchanges.

The platform runs on a blockchain called BNB Chain, which makes it possible to provide users with anonymity and bypass government restrictions, which became a major factor in its success during the World Cup. But anonymity is not the only feature that helped Dexsport capture the hearts of its users. In addition to the listed above, the service is offering faster transactions, lower fees, and fairer odds compared to traditional centralized betting exchanges that seem to be more like monopolies nowadays, taking advantage of the fact that most users don’t have access to alternative betting services due to government restrictions.

Furthermore, the transparent and tamper-proof nature of all transactions on the platform provides users with a level of trust and security that traditional online sportsbooks cannot match. Another unique feature that Dexsport can offer to its customers is a variety of liquidity pools that work as digital vaults and help bettors to receive their payouts in a matter of seconds. The listed features, combined with its easy-to-use interface and wide range of sports and betting markets to gamble on, has resulted in a significant number of players joining the platform by the end of the year, with over 8,000 new customers placing over 200,000 bets since its launch.

Discover how Dexsport disrupted the sports betting industry during the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar with its innovative blockchain technology and peer-to-peer approach, enabling users worldwide to access its services without VPNs or other tricks.

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