Bitcoin Donations Helping Non-Profits Grow: Here’s Top 10 List

In recent years, the number of organisations accepting Bitcoin donations has gradually increased. These organisations have seen how cryptocurrency has become an efficient means to give locally and internationally because of its immutability, transparency, and security of transactions.

Last April 2021, announced a press release about launching its crypto donation payment method to support over 1 million non-profit organisations. Donors may now give Bitcoim, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Litecoim and USD Coin for the first time. People can go to their website, look for a non-profit, click “Donate,” and then follow the steps to donate their cryptocurrency in only a few clicks.

What is Bitcoin? How can it help give donations?

Bitcoin is decentralised digital money that uses blockchain technology and may be bought, sold, and exchanged without the use of an intermediary such as a bank. It also remains the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation (at the time of writing, it is over $590B.)

Digital currency transactions are examined by multiple verification sources across the world using complex algorithms, which frequently results in instantaneous verification, allowing transfers to take place quickly.

Giving virtual currencies to non-profit charities rather than cash may provide considerable tax benefits to contributors. Because virtual currencies fluctuate in value over time, they can be considered in the same way as contributions of appreciated real estate, stocks, and other assets. Considering Bitcoin’s exponential growth in value, a donor who purchased Bitcoin a few years ago may be eligible for a significant tax credit for donating it to charity now.

The Bitcoin Revolution platform is a good place to start if you want to invest in Bitcoin.

Here are ten of the most well-known charities that take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as donations:

  1. Save the Children
    Save the Children is a go-to organisation if you are enthusiastic about providing children throughout the world the chance to live and develop, with an emphasis on health and education. Your money will be used to help children all around the world as Save the Children works throughout the United States, Africa, Asia, the Greater Middle East, and Eurasia, as well as Latin America and the Caribbean.
  2. Red Cross
    The Red Cross’ mission is to alleviate suffering through a variety of programs, including blood donation, being on the scene when a tragedy occurs and educating first responders in emergency preparedness.
    UNICEF strives to save children’s lives, defend their rights, and help them reach their full potential from infancy through adolescence in over 190 nations around the world.
  4. International Medical Corps
    International Medical Corps is collaborating with the WHO to provide expertise, equipment, training, and triage and treatment services to local and national ministries of health across the world. The International Medical Corps has devised a multi-pronged strategy to help at-risk nations and areas prepare for and respond to any epidemics.
  5. Hope For Paws
    Hope For Paws’ mission is to rescue and rehome neglected and abandoned animals, to educate people about the importance of companion animals in our community, to reduce euthanasia rates in shelters, to raise adoption rates, and to inspire people around the world to take efforts to stop animal abuse, neglect, and homelessness.
  6. Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA)
    Formed in 2000, Ocean Defenders Alliance (ODA) employs boats or works from shore to remove man-made garbage such as abandoned fishing gear and plastic litter. ODA encourages Bitcoin donations and feels that cryptocurrency holders have a fantastic chance to help clean oceans in a meaningful way.
  7. Wall Street Bound
    Wall Street Bound teaches financial technical skills as well as key corporate soft skills to urban adolescents aged 16 to 24. Wall Street Bound aspires to increase the proportion of people of colour in finance by providing opportunities for underrepresented children to become future Wall Street leaders and rulers of their financial worlds.
  8. Movement for Black Lives
    The Movement for Black Lives is a partnership of more than 50 organisations representing black communities around the United States. It was established to debate and discuss current political conditions, to develop shared analyses of what political initiatives were required to achieve key policy, cultural, and political victories, and to bring together organisational leaders to debate and co-create a shared movement-wide strategy.
  9. The Water Project
    The Water Project, as one of the organisations on the Pineapple Fund’s approved list of non-profits, makes it clear on their website that they take Bitcoin donations. The Water Project is dedicated to unlocking human potential by delivering dependable water projects to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa who are suffering needlessly due to a lack of clean water and appropriate sanitation.
  10. OutRight Action International
    OutRight Action International advocates for LGBTIQ people’s human rights all around the world. OutRight does research, documents, defends and advances human rights for LGBTIQ persons across the world at the international, regional, and national levels.

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