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Traditionally, blockchain is used for various financial projects, but today, its capabilities are much wider. Here are examples of how Definme’s blockchain development services can help almost any business.

Where are blockchain projects used?

The peculiarity of blockchain-based projects is that information about all operations is saved in a sequential chain. For example, if user A transferred a certain amount of money to user B, then the information about this operation will be saved and encrypted. Moreover, it is encrypted in such a way that no one can imperceptibly change a separate block. Thus, all operations are transparent.

Let’s find out in what areas blockchain-based projects are the most common.

  • Finances. These are the creation, storage, purchase, exchange, and transfer of crypto.
  • Smart contracts. Roughly speaking, they can be explained by the formula “if…then.” For example, “if company A has confirms receipt of the order, the X amount of money will be debited from its account to company B.” Thus, they also help to exclude a third party from the process of signing the agreement.
  • Logistics. You can save every stage of delivery and create a chain of points that the parcel passed through.
  • Supplies. Allows you to trace the production process of food, medicine, or any other product. You can store the date, time, and place of every stage of production and give the customer access to this information.

What projects does Definme create?

Definme has 6 years of experience in creating blockchain-based projects. Among them are NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse, as well as “classic” industries, such as e-commerce, medicine, logistics, gaming, education, etc. We develop:

  • Decentralized systems (autonomous organizations, applications, etc);
  • Decentralized Finance (synthetic assets, lending&borrowing platforms, exchanges, etc.);
  • Digital currencies and payment systems (crypto-asset wallets and custody solutions, stablecoins, cryptocurrency, etc.);
  • Smart contracts;
  • Metaverse development (software, NFT, games);
  • Tokens and digital assets (tokenization platforms, NFT marketplaces, security tokens, etc.).

Blockchain allows both the development of the fintech industry and modernizing almost any area of business. We are ready to work on making your company more efficient and profitable.

Blockchain-based projects are used in a variety of areas, such as finance, logistics, supplies, etc. Definme has 6 years of experience in creating blockchain-based projects, including decentralized systems, Decentralized Finance, digital currencies, smart contracts, Metaverse development, and tokens/digital assets.

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