Blockchain-Enabled Sports Startup dotmoovs presents Luís Figo and Ricardo Quaresma as Brand Ambassadors

Tallinn, Estonia, 25th May, 2021,

dotmoovs, a recently-founded startup offering a crypto-enabled grassroots sports competition app, has received support from Luís Figo and Ricardo Quaresma, both renowned professional football players, as Brand Ambassadors.

The two players will help the startup market its app among their loyal fan base, introducing sports enthusiasts to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs through a unique online competition app. The dotmoovs app will enable users to enter into instant competitions with other peers, for example, to show off their skill with football freestyle tricks. An AI-based engine will then determine the best participant and reward them with MOOV tokens or NFTs.

Given dotmoovs’ initial focus on football, with Football Freestyle being the platform’s first sport, the team sought to connect with former football players for feedback and support. Luís Figo became the first well-known player to back dotmoovs, having learned of the platform through mutual acquaintances. 

Luís Figo is a Portuguese professional football player considered to be one of the best of his generation, having reached the peak of his career during the 2000s. He won FIFA 2001 World Player of the Year and 2000 Ballon d’Or, and was the first “galáctico,” a select list of expensive and world-famous football superstars to which later joined Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Michael Owen, Robinho and Sergio Ramos.

After retiring from professional sports toward the end of the decade, Figo set up the Luis Figo Foundation, an organisation that promotes and develops a set of projects that cover, in different ways, the areas of Sports, Education, Health and Social Action.

Following Figo, dotmoovs also reached out and convinced Ricardo Quaresma, an active player known for his roles in football clubs such as Barcelona, Inter, Milan, FC Porto, and Beşiktaş. Quaresma’s known for his many tricks like the rabona and trivela, making him extremely popular among fans.

“Since we are launching Football Freestyle as the platform’s first sport, it was clear that we had to have at least one football legend with us,” said Ricardo Martins Costa, Head of Growth at dotmoovs. ”Figo was the original Galactico, the first truly world-famous football superstar of our generation, so we had to present him with the project. Just a couple of weeks later we were flying to Madrid to meet with him and doing some shooting sessions.”

“During the Covid pandemic in 2020, football fans around the world have been forced to explore new ways of playing their favorite sport,” said Luís Figo. “Though, thankfully, the worst is now over, I believe that new ways of combining digital with physical sports will take their place together with the good old-fashioned game on the football field.”

About dotmoovs

dotmoovs is the first crypto mobile worldwide competitive environment. The platform allows users to compete with others around the world just by bringing their skills, ambition, and smartphone. dotmoov’s AI-based video referee will assess their performance in real-time. Powered by blockchain technology, sport competition will enable fair challenges and access to unique digital assets.

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