Changelly Fiat API: Revolutionizing Fiat-to-Crypto Payments

Changelly is thrilled to announce the launch of their new Fiat API, a game-changing solution that can help platforms enable seamless crypto purchases. Changelly API will make it significantly easier for you to accept crypto payments, allow your users to make fiat-to-crypto transactions, and to convert fiat payments into crypto.

No matter if you own a cryptocurrency wallet, a DeFi or a gaming platform, or any other project that needs to convert fiat to crypto, Changelly API will provide your users with a seamless and easy way to buy and deposit cryptocurrency directly on your platform.

Changelly is a comprehensive crypto platform that provides low fees and competitive rates for crypto purchases and exchanges. They also recently launched their own DEX aggregator — DeFi Swap.

Powerful Functionality

Changelly API is as strong and reliable as the platform’s native fiat-to-crypto marketplace, which is trusted by millions of users worldwide. Changelly aggregates offers from a variety of trusted fiat gateways to make sure that both you and your users always get the best deal.

With Changelly’s Fiat API, you can:

1. Enable your users to buy crypto with fiat on your platform

2. Receive crypto payments and transform fiat payments into crypto

Enhanced Security and Reliability

Changelly is a trusted platform with over 8 years of experience on the crypto market and millions of satisfied users. They only work with the most reliable and reputable fiat providers on the market. Additionally, all their services follow the latest security protocols and are continuously updated to make sure they are safe against any potential threats.

Seamless Integration

It doesn’t cost anything to integrate Changelly’s Fiat API onto your platform. The integration process takes only a few hours, and all you need to do is create a Changelly account and message their team, who will help you to get everything rolling. All Changelly needs from you is the email address of your Changelly account and a description as well as the link to the project that you’re planning to integrate their Fiat API into.

Additional Benefits

Changelly’s Fiat API will give you and your users access to…

➔ 500+ cryptocurrencies

➔ 50+ fiat currencies

➔ A wide variety of payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard/Visa, bank transfer, and more)

➔ 24/7 live support


If you have any questions, contact Changelly’s team at

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