EgonCoin (EGON)

EgonCoin (EGON)

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Unkown Country Icon Unknown Country
Ticker icon Ticker: EGON
Type icon Type: Unknown

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Total icon Total: 8 433 500
Max icon Max: 271 000 000

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About EgonCoin

EgonCoin (EGON) is a fast and energy-efficient blockchain that aims to lower the barrier to entry for Web3 and non-fungible token (NFT) use cases. With its own native blockchain network and the Elevated Proof of Stake (EPoS) consensus, EgonCoin offers a scalable and affordable solution for blockchain transactions. The coin’s native token, EGC-20, enables transactions on the EgonCoin blockchain, while the EGC-721 standard is used for EgonCoin NFTs. With a fixed maximum supply of 271 million coins, EgonCoin aims to create a next-generation ecosystem that promotes the use of NFTs and decentralized money.

The upcoming EgonPay-powered marketplace will offer access to NFTs and goods and services using EgonCoin assets as payments, providing multiple appealing use cases. EgonCoin’s blockchain, EgonChain, is designed to drive awareness and usefulness of blockchain assets and NFTs from a new perspective. With its faster and cheaper transaction capabilities, EgonCoin aims to cater to business owners and individuals, making NFT entry simple at the Egonverse P2E marketplace. With a focus on eco-friendly consensus, elevated staking, and fast and low-cost transactions, EgonCoin aims to create a user-friendly and efficient cryptocurrency ecosystem.

EgonCoin’s mission is to put truly democratized and borderless money into the hands of millions by leveraging Web3 and web-based technology. The EgonCoin team, with experience in launching mobile apps with a user base of more than 5 million users, aims to simplify the blockchain experience for the younger generation. By creating mobile-centric systems like the upcoming marketplace for NFTs and goods and services on EgonVerse and EgonMall, EgonCoin aims to provide simple user onboarding and cater to the needs of both retail customers and real-world businesses. With its vertical integration for payments and support for conventional business requirements, EgonCoin aims to be a versatile and user-friendly cryptocurrency solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of EgonCoin EGON available.
The circulating supply of EgonCoin is 0.
The total supply of EgonCoin is 8433500.
The max supply of EgonCoin is 271000000.
Unfortunately the country of EgonCoin is unknown.
EgonCoin is a cryptocurrency running on its own blockchain.

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