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ETHtez (ETHTZ) is a token that allows users to trade Ethereum (ETH) on Tezos DeFi markets. It is wrapped Ether (ETH) following the Tezos FA-token standard, which is comparable to the ERC standard on Ethereum. This token is fully backed by a reserve of real Ether (ETH), ensuring its value and stability.

There are three main ways to obtain ETHtez. The most common method is through exchanges such as Quipuswap, Smartlink Vortex, or cross-chain bridges like TezEx. Another option is to purchase ETHtez directly in a 1-1 ratio with ETH without the limitations of exchanges, which is particularly useful for those looking to provide liquidity to exchanges. Lastly, individuals can mint ETHtez on their own or qualify to enroll as an individual minter, especially if they are a Tezos baking service in good standing.

ETHtez is part of the StableTez family of stablecoins, running on the Tezos blockchain and adhering to the Tezos FA token standard. StableTez is dedicated to providing stable value on the Tezos network. For more information on ETHtez and its ecosystem, please visit the ETHtez website, explore the available exchanges and wallets, and refer to the provided legal resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of ETHtez ETHTZ available.
The circulating supply of ETHtez is 0.
The total supply of ETHtez is unknown.
The max supply of ETHtez is unknown.
Unfortunately the country of ETHtez is unknown.
ETHtez is a token running on the Tezos blockchain.
The contract address of ETHtez is KT19at7rQUvyjxnZ2fBv7D9zc8rkyG7gAoU8.

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