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Total icon Total: 1 000 000 000
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About Gold DAO

The Gold DAO (GLDGOV) is a revolutionary coin that brings gold into the future. It aims to address one of the primary concerns in the gold market – the practice of selling more ‘paper gold’ than the actual physical gold that exists. Through GLD NFTs, the Gold DAO eliminates the need for intermediaries and empowers investors with direct ownership of physical gold. Holders of GLD NFTs can increase liquidity by swapping them for GLDT tokens, a gold-backed token that provides liquidity and flexibility.

The core vision of the Gold DAO is to make physical gold easily accessible and liquid. By transforming physical gold into a digital form that can be exchanged like cash, the Gold DAO aims to overcome the transportability issues faced by physical gold. Each GLD NFT is backed by a specific physical gold asset, with transparent and immutable records on the blockchain, ensuring real ownership and redeemability.

The Gold DAO is powered by the ORIGYN Protocol running on the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP), enabling decentralized governance and secure, transparent, and 100% on-chain transactions. It operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and is governed by the Gold Governance token (GLDGov). GLDGov holders can propose and make decisions about the direction of the Gold DAO, govern system upgrades, and receive staking rewards for participating in governance. The Gold DAO also partners with reputable organizations like METALOR, INTERNET COMPUTER, ORIGYN, and QUANTUM to further enhance its ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of Gold DAO GLDGOV available.
The circulating supply of Gold DAO is 0.
The total supply of Gold DAO is 1000000000.
The max supply of Gold DAO is 1000000000.
Unfortunately the country of Gold DAO is unknown.
Gold DAO is a cryptocurrency running on its own blockchain.

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