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  • Worldwide (Decentralized)
  • Blockchain: LYNX
  • Ticker: LYNX
  • Type: Cryptocurrency
  • Proof type: Hybrid Proof-of-Work (HPoW)
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Old name: Kittehcoin

  • Circulating*: 77.871.000
  • Max:
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* The circulating and total supply can be subject to changes. Always check the official website.

What is Lynx?
Lynx created the Hybrid Proof of Work Rules. Lynx HPoW business rules encourage the use of low-cost computing (like a Raspberry Pi which only consumes around 3 watts of electricity) to mine the coin. As a result, the electrical cost to maintain the Lynx network is a fraction of other projects, yielding a low environmental impact. The emphasis on low-cost computing also creates a more decentralized, broad miner base which strengthens the stability and security of the currency. And, the easy-to-use tools and broad miner base creates a more equitable cryptocurrency that anyone can use for generations to come. Lynx was designed to have minimal environmental impact because it’s committed to creating global solutions and maintaining a small carbon footprint.
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