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The ODIN ERC404M, with the ticker ODIN, is a virtual universe inspired by the mythical figure Odin. Drawing from Norse mythology, Odin created the world from the body of the giant Ymir, using his flesh, bones, teeth, and skull to form the elements of the earth. As the father of the gods, Odin governs wisdom and warfare, rewarding loyal followers. ODIN is a digital realm where warriors can embark on adventures and seek the limited blind box treasures that lie within.

Within the ODIN virtual universe are six Mystery Boxes, each containing five color variations for different patterns. The ODIN ERC404M protocol introduces a unique approach to NFT contracts. Unlike traditional contracts, it allows for different rules and quantities of tokens for each series, bringing flexibility and diversity to address the scarcity of NFTs. The mechanism dynamically adjusts the transfer rules based on the sender’s token holdings, enabling dynamic and interesting operations within the ecosystem. Moreover, the protocol continuously evolves and can adapt to future changes, unlocking more gameplay and enhancing player choice and strategy.

The ODIN ecosystem has a well-designed economic system to ensure sustainability and community engagement. Farming contributes 50% of the token distribution, while the team, LP (liquidity pool), CEX Reserve, and community receive various allocations. This allocation structure aims to meet the needs of different players, enhancing the playability and attractiveness of the ODIN virtual universe. The innovative ERC404M protocol combines the functionalities of ERC20 and ERC721 tokens, offering liquidity and fragmentation capabilities for a seamless user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of ODIN ERC404M ODIN available.
The circulating supply of ODIN ERC404M is 0.
The total supply of ODIN ERC404M is unknown.
The max supply of ODIN ERC404M is 100000.
Unfortunately the country of ODIN ERC404M is unknown.
ODIN ERC404M is a cryptocurrency running on its own blockchain.

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