Rosen Bridge (RSN)

Rosen Bridge (RSN)

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About Rosen Bridge?

Rosen Bridge (RSN) is an open-source protocol for secure and efficient cross-chain asset transfers. It offers multi-layer protection by utilizing two distinct layers of security. The bridge reduces the need for smart contracts on bridged chains, resulting in a scalable and cost-efficient solution. It employs an incentivized auditing system with Watchers and Guards rewarded in a Proof of Event scheme. Additionally, Rosen Bridge is an open-source project with transparent and accessible source code for public review and inspection, ensuring a safe and trustworthy platform.

The architecture of Rosen Bridge revolves around its core components, Watchers and Guards. Watchers monitor network activities on various blockchains and report bridge-related events on the Ergo blockchain. They play a crucial role in ongoing monitoring and transparent reporting. Guards, on the other hand, focus on security maintenance and executing responses. They carefully process the reported events from Watchers and perform the necessary actions. This multi-layered approach ensures the integrity and safety of cross-chain transfers.

The utility token of Rosen Bridge is RSN, which serves as a key component for participants. Watchers are required to stake RSN and ERG as collateral, enabling them to acquire reporting permits. Guards also need to lock RSN as collateral. The emission of RSN tokens ends once the bridge fees are collected in RSN. Holding RSN provides special fee benefits for projects. The bridge fees collected are overseen by the Guards, who distribute a near-equivalent amount of RSN to the Guard Set and involved Watchers, thus incentivizing all entities involved in the ecosystem. Rosen Bridge’s design aims to ensure the safety of user funds through cold storage mechanisms and rigorous verification layers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of Rosen Bridge RSN available.
The circulating supply of Rosen Bridge is 0.
The total supply of Rosen Bridge is 1000000000.
The max supply of Rosen Bridge is 1000000000.
Unfortunately the country of Rosen Bridge is unknown.
Rosen Bridge is a cryptocurrency running on its own blockchain.

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