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  • Worldwide (Decentralized)
  • Blockchain: RPIcoin
  • Ticker: RPI
  • Type: Cryptocurrency
  • Proof type: Proof-of-Stake (PoS)
  • Algorithm: Scrypt & SHA-256
  • Block time: 60

  • Circulating*: 545839140
  • Total: 683975376
  • Max: 5999991337

* The circulating and total supply can be subject to changes. Always check the official website.

What is RPICoin?
"RPICoin was originally based on the Blackcoin source, the first dedicated Proof-of-Stake coin. Within a year we upgraded the codebase to the latest Bitcoin & PIVX Source to include new features such as Masternodes, zRPI, Tor and many more! With PoS 3.0 the security has proven itself over years of testing. The protocol is robust and keeps nodes connected to the network. It disincentives inactive nodes. Another huge benefit is the cost-effectiveness of PoS which is immense compared with PoW (Miners). There are reasons why Proof-of-Stake models are becoming more commonplace. Even Ethereum is planning to move to PoS, all of which (to us) are indicators that PoS is mature and production ready.

RPICoin will contribute by further improving upon existing Open-Source solutions. Such as a Decentralized Marketplace, the Open Rights Exchange protocol for connecting API providers and consumers. These tools are being built to provide world-class capabilities to developers around the world and simultaneously allow anyone with great code to easily monetize their work and ensure that the value created by the decentralized economy is accrued by the people putting in the work."

Price information:
RPICoin reached an all-time-high of $0.00044789 on 2018-10-18 and is currently down around -81%.

For $100 USD you can buy 1149425.29 RPI at a price of $ 0.000087.
At all-time-high this would be worth: $514.82 USD (5.15X return. *)

*This is a calculation and not investment advice.

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