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About Savvy USD?

Savvy USD (SVUSD) is a non-liquidating DeFi lending platform that allows users to obtain an immediate advance on their future yield. With Savvy, users can put their crypto assets to work without fearing liquidation. Through Savvy’s platform, users can choose strategies that generate an auto-compound yield to optimize their APY. They can also deposit crypto assets in smart contracts and maintain full control over their assets from the safety of their wallet. Additionally, Savvy allows users to borrow up to 50% of their deposit and get instant access to liquidity with svTokens (svUSD, svETH, and svBTC) while their collateral continues to earn yield.

One of the unique features of Savvy USD is its auto-repaying capability. Borrowers can repay their loans on their terms using svTokens, tokens in their wallet, or even by allowing their collateral to do it at any time. By staking SVY, borrowers and liquidity providers can earn boosted yields and gain governance voting rights. Savvy USD also provides opportunities for liquidity providers to take advantage of incentivized svToken stable swap pools, further boosting liquidity and potential yield.

Savvy USD ensures that collateral and credit lines are denominated in the same unit of account, making the borrowed line of credit non-liquidating and protected from market volatility. The platform accepts various crypto assets as collateral, including stablecoins (DAI/USDT/USDC), ETH, BTC, and some LSDs. SVY, a vital ecosystem component, serves as a membership token for the DAO and unlocks access to the protocol’s smart contracts. Additionally, synthetic tokens on the platform maintain their peg through Savvy Swap, algorithmic market operation, and SVY incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of Savvy USD SVUSD available.
The circulating supply of Savvy USD is 0.
The total supply of Savvy USD is unknown.
The max supply of Savvy USD is unknown.
Unfortunately the country of Savvy USD is unknown.
Savvy USD is a token running on the Arbitrum blockchain.
The contract address of Savvy USD is 0xF202Ab403Cd7E90197ec0f010ee897E283037706.

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