Sweden Coin (SWED)

Sweden Coin (SWED)

Coin Information

Flag of Sweden Sweden (SE)
Blockchain icon Blockchain: Tron
Ticker icon Ticker: SWED
Type icon Type: Token
Company icon Company: The Swedish Trust KB
Asset or Contract address icon Contract:
Old name icon Old name: The Swedish Trust

Market Cap

Fully Diluted Valuation


Total icon Total: 200 000 000
Max icon Max: 200 000 000


Online icon Online

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What is Sweden Coin?

“With the introduction of the internet in the 90’s, we entered into an era of borderless information. 15 years later smartphones created hyper-connectivity. Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, and every day new advancements continue to redefine what we deem plausible. What’s inconceivable today might very well be something we take for granted tomorrow. With the introduction of blockchain technology, we are entering a new era yet again. It has the potential to disrupt our entire way of processing information and enables us to decentralize trust. It gives us the possibility to transact with whoever we want, wherever and whenever in a matter of seconds. We are creating a decentralized network of modern financial services empowering everyone to take control over their financial future, regardless of demographics or access to traditional banking services. Imagine being able to swiftly convert your cash to crypto, and instantly gain access to investing in traditional assets such as Apple and Microsoft, in a shoemaker in Botswana, not to mention in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Add a powerful social network for investing, a peer-to-peer payments service, and a robo-advisor, and you will be beginning to grasp the magnitude of what we bring. The Swedish Trust Ecosystem, with Swed Coin at its core, is set to power the future of banking with cross-border, cross-asset, and cross-currency investments. We welcome you to join our mission to create a truly borderless investing experience through a series of De-Fi networks

Our vision is to unleash true globalization of banking for everyone. With the use of evolutionary blockchain technologies, we are creating the first open and borderless ecosystem of financial services. Simplification at the core of this ecosystem will incentivize all participants – users, traders, and partners – to work in the same direction to make a global frictionless investment environment. What does this mean for the average person?

It means;

i. Quick and easy conversion from cash to crypto.

ii. Easier access to investments.

iii. Increased influence in corporate & foundation decision making.

iv. Cross-border payments & investments for a fraction of the cost.

v. Ability & confidence to use crypto-currency in everyday transactions decentralized cash deposits & withdrawals.

vi. Global access to new banking network, that defies the banking system that we know now.

This is just the beginning; The Swedish Trust KB will improve network synergies by encouraging a network effect for Swed Coin by implementing it as a settlement network for all the digital services. SwedXchange will also use it as a settlement network for all trades. Swed Coin will emerge as a sustainable autonomous investment network that can empower existing and new ventures, while building a decentralized investment network for the future. The Swed Coin Ecosystem will seek to establish a true borderless investing experience for everyone in the world. In this model, users will benefit from access to a diverse spectrum of cryptocurrencies and investment opportunities through a seamless investing experience”

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have no price information of Sweden Coin SWED available.
The circulating supply of Sweden Coin is .
The total supply of Sweden Coin is 200000000.
The max supply of Sweden Coin is 200000000.
Sweden Coin is based in: Sweden.
Sweden Coin is a token running on the Tron blockchain.
The contract address of Sweden Coin is TLomkn2JKndsKM5c8g8cKnzAiGpGyUUxaR.

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