Timecoin Protocol (TMCN)

Timecoin Protocol (TMCN)

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Blockchain icon Blockchain: Ethereum
Ticker icon Ticker: TMCN
Type icon Type: Token
Company icon Company: TimeTicket GmbH
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$3 772 812


Total icon Total: 100 000 000
Max icon Max: 100 000 000

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What is Timecoin Protocol?

Project Introduction:

★ About TimeCoin(TMCN)

TimeCoin (TMCN) is a cryptocurrency issued by TimeTicket GmbH, a Swiss subsidiary of “TimeTicket, Inc.”, which runs a marketplace that connects people who wish to buy and sell skills and services utilizing the time that is available to them.

The skill-sharing economy marketplace TimeTicket, run by TimeTicket Inc., has 450,000 users and its sales have grown 40 times over the past four years. The company has raised 400 million yen by equity financing and plans to go public.

TimeTicket GmbH is running a blockchain project called “TimeCoinProtocol”. The project aims to develop and run a sharing economy platform as well as developing sharing economy services and esports applications running on the platform.

The parent company of TimeTicket Inc., Globalway Inc., is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and it has been disclosing matters regarding the listing of TimeCoin (TMCN) on a cryptocurrency exchange in a timely manner under the guidance of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which is overseen by the Financial Services Agency of Japan. There is also a confirmation from FINMA, the Swiss Financial Services Agency, that there are no legal issues with the TimeCoin project. Being accepted by the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan and FINMA in Switzerland, the project retains a high level of credibility.


★  IEO of Time Coin (TMCN)

TimeCoin (TMCN) was successfully completed IEO and listed on November 11, 2020. The price of TimeCoin at the IEO was set at US $0.7 per TimeCoin with the market capitalization converted to Bitcoin was 7 billion yen; however, orders started flooding in and TimeCoin was sold out within seconds. After that, it reached the opening price of US $11, which is 15 times more than the original price.

In most cases, the price of tokens tends to plunge after IEO, but TimeCoin continued to rise, hitting the highest of US $8,500 on February 18th. That is 12,142 times the original price.

The IEO was carried out to raise awareness of the project and TimeCoin and no public or private sale of TimeCoin was conducted before the IEO. The project has been funded by equity financing with approximately 400 million yen, which has been sufficient to develop the project so far without relying on cryptocurrency financing. TMCN is also listed on BitMart and BiKi as of April 2021.


★ About the Special Token Sale

As the project profile improved dramatically after the IEO, the project has decided to sell TimeCoin on the OTC market through the Special Token Sale for full-scale development. The Special Token Sale started on February 15th with a sale price of about US $2 per TimeCoin (1 TMCN = 0.00004 BTC), which is an approximately 90% or more discount from the market price!

Although the market price of the cryptocurrency has risen overall, the project has kept the price of TimeCoin as low as possible to increase the number of investors who will hold TimeCoin as a medium to long-term investment.

To prevent the price of the token from falling sharply, there are four stages of lock-up periods from 30 to 120 days after the Token Sale ends. Although the Token Sale is held by a partnering company that has bought the tokens in bulk from the project, it is possible to purchase TimeCoin through the project’s website. Check here for the Token Sale information.


It is expected that TimeCoin will be listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges as well as Japanese exchanges.


★ About TimeCoinProtocol

TimeTicket is a sharing economy service that connects people who wish to buy and sell skills and services utilizing the time that is available to them. In terms of the sharing economy business model, the sharing of goods, vehicles, and space through Uber, Fiverr, and Airbnb has been trending in recent years, but it is expected that the trend will shift towards sharing intangible experiences. According to a report by a major consulting firm PwC, the sharing economy market will top approximately 36 trillion yen in 2025.

TimeTicket plans to build the TimeCoinProtocol, a platform designed to facilitate the creation and operation of sharing economy apps on the blockchain. TimeCoin (TMCN) is a cryptocurrency that you can use in the apps on the TimeCoinProtocol. On the TimeCoinProtocol, companies and individuals will be able to offer sharing economy apps, similar to the offering of apps on the Apple Store and Google Play on smartphones.

The current problem with sharing economy services stems from the power of a handful of key players such as Uber, Airbnb, WeWork, Upwork, and Fiverr.; these superpowers have been under scrutiny for using the personal information of users inappropriately.

With the TimeCoinProtocol, users can carry their transaction history, evaluations, and reputation between apps and they can choose the information they want to share with third parties. Users no longer have to pay excessive fees to app companies or platforms and they can get better services for lower fees.

TimeTicket, Inc. is planning to develop overseas versions of TimeTicket designed for the TimeCoinProtocol. With a strong user base in Japan, it plans to offer the Chinese version of TimeTicket targeting the Chinese market and the English version of TimeTicket targeting other Asian markets such as India and Indonesia. Once fully implemented, users will be rewarded with TimeCoin when they use the service. There is also a unique incentive function called TimeMining; the more you use TimeTicket, the more TimeCoin you will get.


Our first app, eSportStars (aka: eposta) was released in October 2020. eSportStars aims to transform the conventional esports market, which has been typically led by game companies and event organizers, into a user-led market that empowers esports players and fans. On eSportStars, esports pros and fans can participate in tournaments together and anyone can host game tournaments and find some competitors.

eSportStars is currently holding esports game tournaments as a marketing trial in Japan and has already registered 10,000 users.

esports mining: the more games you play, the more TimeCoin you will get.

App users will be able to receive in-service privileges according to the number of TimeCoin they hold. Users can sell the TimeCoin that they have received on a cryptocurrency exchange, but they need to weigh up the advantage of holding TimeCoin; they could be better off holding on to TimeCoin to receive in-service privileges that are worthwhile.

As more people continue to hold TimeCoin and also buy TimeCoin from a cryptocurrency exchange to increase their holdings, TimeCoin will likely appreciate in value.

TimeCoin seems like just a utility token that can be used for settlements, but it can also be used for subscription services that you can charge users for.

For example, you can grant the right to access special tickets, such as services offered by celebrities and professional gamers on TimeTicket and eSportStars, according to the quantity of TimeCoin users hold. Similarly, you can limit access to esports tournaments (adopting a membership system with ranks).

On eSportStars, users can get reward money by winning prizes in tournaments. Considering that, you can also use TimeCoin for esports betting where users can bet on professional esports game results, similar to bookmaking in horse racing and other sports.

TimeCoin has not been available to investors, which is a strategic decision. There is also a lock-up period for selling TimeCoin for those that are allocated to executives, employees, and advisors involved in the project so they won’t be able to be sold until the project is proven successful. Considering the fact that TimeTicket raised about 400 million yen through equity financing and that the project is backed by a listed company, Globalway, Inc., there is no need to sell TimeCoin in a hurry. On top of that, the business model of TimeTicket has been proven solid and successful with 450,000 active users.


Frequently Asked Questions

The current price of Timecoin Protocol TMCN is 0.0377281 USD.
The circulating supply of Timecoin Protocol is 0.
The total supply of Timecoin Protocol is 100000000.
The max supply of Timecoin Protocol is 100000000.
Timecoin Protocol is based in: Switzerland.
Timecoin Protocol is a token running on the Ethereum blockchain.
Timecoin Protocol reached an all-time-high of 24321.4 USD on 18 Oct 2021.
The contract address of Timecoin Protocol is 0x5D45AA01b73c971c65f3DF409c9b3627b8FE2726.

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