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Xandereum (XDR)

Xandereum (XDR)


Blockchain: Waves
Ticker: XDR
Type: Token
Asset or Contract address: 9dv2pN3uhxjUWC5Pmd4N6XdgGagwKA12Dj4UubhEN6R1

Market Cap:


Circ.*: 174 700
Total: 174 700
Max: 99 999 997 952


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* The circulating and total supply can be subject to changes. Always check the official website.

Xandereum Price Chart

Xandereum Price


What is Xandereum?

The Xanderian Institute uses the xandereum token to grade users on its online education platform.
After applying and studying a course, a student does a project. After the project is done, the students project is supervised by supervisors.
After the supervision, we grade the project using the xandereum token. For instance, if we grade a student s project as an Einstein (what this implies is that the intelligence that resides in the project equatable to Einstein’s intelligence), it means he is graded within the range of 10, 001 – 100, 000 xandereum.

This means that the student would have to pay between 10, 001 – 100, 000 xandereum too receive his certification.
He cannot be graded less than 10,000 xandereum and cannot be graded more than 100, 000 xandereum.

Grading process
When we receive the xandereum (as in the example, 10, 001 – 100, 000 ) then we will write in the attachment section of the waves wallet (For example, grade: Einstein, course: Blockchain).

This will be sent in a transaction(back to the student) so that it is stored in the waves blockchain perpetually.
Which can be viewed by anyone on the waves explorer.

Below is the Xanderian grade system:

Range in Xandereum Grade
< 1 Erectus
1 – 100 Human
101 – 1000 Hawking
1001 – 10, 000 Tesla
10, 001 – 100, 000 Einstein
100,001 – 1 million Newton
> 1 million Xanderian

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