Flag of Iceland


Country Information

Address icon Capital: Reykjavík
Continent icon Continent: Europe
Language icon Language: Icelandic
Population icon Population: 331 310
Surface icon Surface (km2): 103 000
Surface icon Surface (sq mi): 39 769

Extra Information

Currency icon Currency: Icelandic króna kr (ISK)
ISO Code icon ISO Code: IS
Domain Extension icon Domain Extension: .is
Phone icon Calling Code: +354
Clock icon Time (CET): UTC+00:00
Clock icon Time (CEST): UTC+00:00


Website icon Official Website: Statice.is
Website icon Info Website: Iceland.is

Extra Links

Website icon Company Registry: Firmaskra.is

Social Media & News

Coin icon Coins: 4
Exchange icon Exchanges: 2
Total icon Total: 6


Overall Rank icon Overall Rank: 82
Rank Per Capita icon Rank Per Capita: 30

Blockchain Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 4 coins based in Iceland.
There are 2 exchanges based in Iceland.
There are 0 wallets based in Iceland.
There are 6 blockchain entities in Iceland.
Iceland ranks 82 based on the total of blockchain entities based there.
Based on the total of blockchain entities Iceland ranks 30 per capita.
In Iceland the people speak: Icelandic
The currency used in Iceland is Icelandic króna kr (ISK).
The capital of Iceland is Reykjavík.
Iceland is located in Europe.
The population of Iceland is around 331 310.
Iceland has a time zone between UTC+00:00 and UTC+00:00.
The 2-letter ISO code of Iceland is is.
Iceland has uses the domain extension .is.
The calling code number of Iceland is +354.
You can find the company registry under the section extra links on this page.

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