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Address icon Capital: Tokio
Continent icon Continent: Asia
Language icon Language: Japanese
Population icon Population: 126 880 000
Surface icon Surface (km2): 377 930
Surface icon Surface (sq mi): 145 920

Extra Information:

Currency icon Currency: Japanese yen ¥ (JPY)
Website icon Official Website: Japan.go.jp
Website icon Info Website: Japan.com
Website icon Company Registry: Jcc.or.th
ISO Code icon ISO Code: JP
Domain Extension icon Domain Extension: .jp
Phone icon Calling Code: +81
Clock icon Time (CET): UTC+09:00
Clock icon Time (CEST): UTC+09:00

Blockchain Statistics:

Coin icon Coins: 81
Exchange icon Exchanges: 18
Wallets icon Wallets: 1
Companies icon Companies: 4
Total icon Total: 104


Rank icon OverallRank: 19
RankPerCapita icon Rank Per Capita: 84

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many coins are based in Japan?

There are 81 coins based in Japan.

How many exchanges are based in Japan?

There are 18 exchanges based in Japan.

How many wallets are based in Japan?

There are 2 wallets based in Japan.

How many blockchain entities are based in Japan?

There are 105 blockchain entities in Japan.

What is the blockchain activity rank of Japan?

Japan ranks 19 based on the total of blockchain entities based there.

What is the blockchain activity rank of Japan per capita?

Based on the total of blockchain entities Japan ranks 84 per capita.

What language do they speak in Japan?

In Japan the people speak: Japanese

What currency is used in Japan?

The currency used in Japan is Japanese yen ¥ (JPY).

What is the capital of Japan?

The capital of Japan is Tokio.

In what continent is Japan located?

Japan is located in Asia.

How large is the population of Japan?

The population of Japan is around 126 880 000.

What is the time zone of Japan?

Japan has a time zone between UTC+09:00 and UTC+09:00.

What is the ISO code of Japan?

The 2-letter ISO code of Japan is jp.

What is the top-level-domain (TLD) of Japan?

Japan has uses the domain extension .jp.

What is the calling code of Japan?

The calling code number of Japan is +81.

Where can I lookup information of companies operating in Japan?

You can find the company registry of Japan at https://www.jcc.or.th/en/company/seach.

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