Globe Kicks Off Triple IDO On Ignition, Superfarm, and DODO Today

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London, England, 4th May, 2021,

Globe (GlobeDX) will organize its May 4, 2021 Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Ignition, Superfarm, and DODO platform. The team aims to sell $3 million tokens at the price of $1 a piece, bringing the total cap for this token sale to $21 million. 

The upcoming IDO for Globe’s GDT token will happen today at 11:00 UTC. GDT is the ERC20 utility token that will provide discounts on trading fees and other benefits to token holders. 

Through this Initial DEX Offering, Globe aims to provide equal access to the GDT token globally. An IDO is the best way to do so, as Ignition, Superfarm, and DODO have built up a strong reputation for such token sales. Investors note a high return on their investment for all tokens sold through this launchpad.

As strategic partners in bringing the Globe vision to the world, Ignition, Superfarm, and DODO are top token sale platforms capable of facilitating awareness and adoption to Globe. Users will need to go through a whitelisting process to participate in the IDO. To do so, they have to complete the following process:

Following the Initial DEX Offerings, users will be able to access their acquired token as quickly as possible.

Globe will also organize an Initial Exchange Offering – IEO – with the help of on May 6, 2021. The day after, there is the Globe community sale, which will require a very strict KYC process to be completed. 

Once the token sale process is completed, Globe will launch a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on the Balancer platform. Balancer is a wellr-espected name in the cryptocurrency industry, as the platform has facilitated numerous LBP events successfully in recent months. Through the Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool, potential investors will engage in fair price discovery to acquire GDT at their preferred price. 

By distributing the token sale across multiple IDOs, an IEO, and community sale, Globe will give all investors an equal chance of acquiring the GDT token at an early stage. 

The token will provide a reduction in trading fees – depending on how many tokens a user holds – but can also be used to pay trading fees in the future. Lastly, it will serve as a governance token as Globe aims to decentralize ownership of this ecosystem. 

About Globe

Globe is the crypto derivatives exchange pioneering the most exciting new derivatives products, delivering performance beyond any crypto or traditional financial exchange and building the future of digital assets markets. Globe is backed by Y Combinator, Tim Draper, Pantera Capital and recently ran a larger presale than Binance including over 200 strategic partners, some of which are listed later in this introduction.

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