Investments in Binance Coin. Is this a good idea?

If Binance Coin (BNB) has caught your attention, if you think it offers a good investment opportunity in 2021, you are not wrong.

First you should know that Binance is the world’s most popular and largest cryptocurrency exchange. Binance Coin is its own cryptocurrency and it has been a total success.

Millions of users around the world use Binance as a platform to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies. The services offered by the platform, developed using blockchain technology, have made Binance a place to trust.

The volume of daily trades on the Binance exchange is brutal and far exceeds its most relevant rival, Coinbase. Each day on Binance nearly $50,000,000,000,000 in exchange transactions are posted.

Binance Coin was first accessible to the public in July 2017. If Bitcoin is divided into Satoshis, Binance Coin is divided into Jagers. 1 Jager is equal to 0.00000001 BNB.

Some crypto experts assume that BNB can continue to increase in value and is probable to overtake Bitcoin in the future (but not near). BNB benefited greatly from the growth of cryptocurrencies and, in addition, from the increase in exchange volumes on the exchange platform.

Among the most prominent advantages of using Binance Coin is the speed of transactions, the smoothness of the exchange experience and the high security of transactions.

But is it worth investing in BNB in 2021? The answer is: definitely yes! Of course, if you decide to invest in this cryptocurrency, we always advise researching and proceeding with caution.

Unlike other altcoins, BNB is considered to be safer and less volatile. At least it has been historically. Perhaps its centralized nature is what makes potential investors more hesitant. What is conflicting is knowing that Binance owns the vast majority of BNB tokens. It is the Binance team that controls and decides who can validate transactions.

This is no small matter. Many, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts do not invest in BNB precisely because of this. They believe it is a practice that clashes with the core ideology that served as the foundation for the creation of cryptocurrencies.

In theory, Binance could decide to change the way it operates at a moment’s notice. Deliberate price manipulation? Yes, that’s also a possibility. Another point: the fact that BNB is a centralized currency makes it potentially more vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Where and how to buy BNB?

Are you interested in investing in crypto? Many may ask: where can you buy Binance Coin? Finding a place to buy is easy. Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are among the most recommended places.

You will usually have to comply with a series of steps such as creating an account, presenting some identification (to avoid fraud), making a deposit to execute the purchase… and buying.

Tip. It is good to be cautious. You should only invest in crypto what you are willing to lose. This is a very volatile business, especially in the short term. You run the risk of losing an investment quickly. It is advisable to do everything possible to minimize risk.


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