Medicinal Marijuana Startup GROW Launches With NFT Giveaway

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St. Julian’s, Malta, 16th April, 2021, Chainwire

Blockchain-based medicinal marijuana startup GROW is celebrating its launch by hosting an NFT giveaway. Founded on a mandate to merge medical cannabis and crypto technology, GROW aims to bring tokenized marijuana to decentralized finance.

Through combining gamification and tokenization, GROW is merging the best elements of the  DeFi space, whose global community has significant overlap with medicinal marujuana proponents.

To commemorate GROW’s union of blockchain, cannabis, and gaming communities, GROW is giving away a LAND plot NFT in the GROW House in collaboration with WeedHumor. The land will emit $GROW tokens and produce NFTs on a scheduled basis.  

Four winners will be selected at random and announced publicly after the contest ends on May 2, with all eligible signups vying for the grand prize – but only the first 50,000 qualifying to receive the exclusive GROW X WeedHumor NFT.

In order to qualify, interested parties should follow the official GROW Twitter account, retweet the Giveaway tweet with the hashtags $GROW, #NFT, #WEEDHUMOR, #GROWHOUSE, follow the GROW community Telegram, and complete the official entry form.

The GROW House is the platform’s cutting-edge DeFi solution to yield farming, wherein users can adopt the role of cannabis farmers, harvest virtual plants, and earn $GROW tokens and NFTs, which can later be sold on the secondary market.

Within the GROW House, coveted LAND gives users a space to grow their seeds into NFTs that grant owners exclusive access within the ROOT ecosystem, which facilitates the union of real-world growers, producers, brands and clubs. 

As well as emitting $GROW tokens on a predictable basis, LAND NFTs also produce SEED NFTs that users can grow into fully mature virtual plants as a form of staking to earn more $GROW and potential real-world product.

About Grow X

GROW is a green medicine startup powered by blockchain. The purpose of GROW assets is to drive decentralized cannabis cultivation, while also serving as a payment and distribution verification method for the entire medical cannabis industry.



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